Otaku Craft Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10/1.6.4


Otaku Craft Mod based on different animes and it includes weapons, ores, items, food and amours the mod also includes 3D items and some weapons and as time goes on more and more of the weapons will become 3D this will be an on going mod with new items being added all the time. You may want to also get the craft guide mod as there is alot of crafting.

Some of the animes the mod is based off at current: Highschool DxD, Is this a zombie, Sword Art Online, Heavens Lost Property and a few others.


3D Armour WIP Boosted Gear Red Dragon


3D Wepeon Eus Sycthe


3D Weapons Inoris Void


Some of the added ores and ingots


all of the armour sets as of current all craftable bar the last one on right


custom mobs which can fight and carry custom weapons all these are friendly which also have craftable spawn eggs know as rift doors


Loads of swords and always adding new one which are craftable

these weapons all have 3D models for them and most have abilities expect for the chainsaw mystlainn all are craftable

custom foods which are also craftable


Download Link:

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For 1.7.10


For 1.6.4


[tab title=”Update Logs”]

Update #15

Bug fixes
stop some of the config problems with other mods
also delete the config for Otaku Craft and let it make a new one

Update #14

All weapons are craftable bar the strike the blood weapons which now spawn in dungoens along with the soul structure.
Alot of new ore added for mulitple animes (check video to see what was added)
Added weapons from fairy tale
Armours have potion effects
all weapon stats have been change
Ikaros skin has been fixed
staffs are working (watch video is see how they are working)

Author: IXvmattyvXI

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