Orizon Mod 1.7.10


This is a revival of the Orizon mod that was originally for Minecraft version 1.4.7. The original mod was part of the Inficraft mod/modpack made by mDiyo.
Orizon is a companion mod to Tinkers’ Construct and Natura. The mods play well separately, but work best together.
Orizon is a mod that adds in new types of stone into the world generation. The first type of stone is “Colored Stone”, it comes in 16 different colors, including but not limited to: Seawashed blue, Sunny yellow, Roman red, and Bronzed orange. Colored Stone drops its equivalent cobblestone and can be made into Stonebrick, Cracked Stonebrick, Fancy Stonebrick, Chiseled Stonebrick, Mossy Stonebrick and Stonebrick Tile. The second type of stone added is “Marble”, it comes in 6 different varieties: Azure blue, Black, Emerald green, Rose, Ruby red, and White. Marble drops it equivalent cobblestone. The third type of stone is ?Siltstone?, it comes in 8 different colors and spawns in the ocean and river beds. It also has an alternative silt block which spawns along side it.


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For 1.7.10


Author: LogicTechCorp

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