OresPlus Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2


OresPlus Mod

With OresPlus Mod, you can generate ores in your world for future use by other mods. You can also control how they generate, even regenerate ores in your existing world.
The ores this mod adds don’t actually do anything on their own. You need other mods to utilize the ores.

Overworld Ores

  • Adamantine
  • Aluminium (Tinkers Constructs)
  • Amethyst
  • Apatite (Forestry)
  • Bauxite (Gregtech)
  • Bitumen
  • Cassiterite (Gregtech)
  • Certus Quartz (Applied Energistics)
  • Cold Iron
  • Copper (Forestry, IndustrialCraft2, Mekanism, Redpower/PR, Thermal Expansion)
  • Galena (Gregtech)
  • Iridium (IndustrialCraft2)
  • Lead (IndustrialCraft2, Thermal Expansion)
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Mithral
  • Nickel (Gregtech, Thermal Expansion)
  • Nikolite (Redpower/PR)
  • Osmium (Mekanism)
  • Peridot (Redpower/PR)
  • Phosphorite
  • Platinum
  • Potash
  • Ruby (Redpower/PR)
  • Saltpeter (Railcraft)
  • Sapphire (Redpower/PR)
  • Silver (IndustrialCraft2, Redpower/PR, Thermal Expansion)
  • Sulfur (IndustrialCraft2, Railcraft)
  • Tetrahedrite (Gregtech)
  • Tin (Forestry, IndustrialCraft2, Mekanism, Redpower/PR, Thermal Expansion)
  • Topaz
  • Tungsten (Redpower/PR)
  • Uranium (IndustrialCraft2)
  • Zinc

Nether Ores

  • Nether versions of most overworld ores
  • Ardite (Tinker’s Contructs)
  • Cinnabar (Gregtech)
  • Cobalt (Tinker’s Constructs)
  • Pyrite (Gregtech)
  • Sphalerite (Gregtech)

End Ores

  • Tungstate (Gregtech)
  • Cooperite (Gregtech)
  • Olivine (Gregtech)
  • Sodalite (Gregtech)


  • Brass (RedPower/PR)
  • Bronze (Forestry, IndustrialCraft2
  • Electrum

Current Features

  • Control of ore generation in your world (including vanilla ores)
  • Regeneration of all ores in existing worlds
  • Regeneration of Buildcraft oil ponds and wells.
  • Regeneration of IC2 rubber trees
  • Regeneration of Forestry Beehives
  • Grinder to grind ores into dust
  • Cracker to break down Bitumen into oil
  • Nuggets and Ore Storage Blocks for ores

Planned Features

  • Smelting and Grinding recipes for remaining ores (Bauxite, Cassiterite, Galena, Tetrahedrite, Tungsten, and a few End ores)
  • Possible generation/regeneration of Mod specific versions of ores
  • Possible regeneration of other resources
  • Better ore textures


Overworld Ores
Posted Image
Nether Ores
Posted Image
End Ores
Posted Image
Before ore regeneration
Posted Image
After ore regeneration
Posted Image



The grinder is crafted by surrounding a furnace with flint.
The cracker is crafted by surrounding a furnace with glass. If BuildCraft is installed, it is instead crafted with a tank on top of a furnace,
Gunpowder can be crafted with 5 saltpeter dust arranged in an X, 2 sulfur dust & 2 coal/charcoal dust
Forestry fertilizer can be crafted with Salpeter, Phosphorite & Potash. Added more than one of the sources and/or adding magnesium will increase the yield.


Requires Forge or higher


Again, this is an Beta release. I am not responsible for lost or corrupt worlds. Be sure to back up any existing worlds before running. Especially if regenerating ores.

  1. Install forge
  2. Place this in the mods folder.
  3. Profit!


v0.5.28 Beta

  • cracker recipe not working (fixes issue 13)
  • grinder not working (fixes issue 13)
  • angry pigmen were attacking for every ore in nether, not just marked ores
  • renamed storage blocks to move in line to standard ore dictionary names (for tinkers)
  • finished missing mappings handler (to handle storage block renames)

Download OresPlus Mod

For 1.7.10


For 1.7.2


Author: TorbinWren

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