Nether Utils Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 (Live In The Nether)

Nether Utils Mod 1.12.2 allows you to start in the nether and build up from there. You spawn on a platform and get going from there, farming is easily done by using soul soil which is gotten by tilling soul sand and then hydrating it with lava, getting out of the nether is only possible with the custom portal since you can disable the vanilla portal.



Nether Spawn

Before even using nether spawn make sure to the config option is true (by default it is)

Spawn Point

An unbreakable block which is placed in middle of the starting platform, if the block is broken by a creative player it will cause everyone to respawn in the overworld instead of the nether until the block is placed again. The only way to get the block is with the “give” command or JEI/NEI.


There are 3 types of platforms.

  • Lava Platform


  • Land Platform


  • Enclosed Platform


You cannot choose any of these platforms, they get generated depending on your world!
NOTE: If you want the biomes like in the pictures install Biomes O’ Plenty and start a world with their world type.


Tank is a portable block which fills with 4000 mB (4 buckets) of any liquid.

Recipe (any glass):

When broken if keep contents in config is true it will retain the liquid it had and store it in the item, it is also fillable and drainable in item form.

If the tank is filled with 3000 mB (default, can be changed in config file) of water it will turn into a block that hydrates farmland.

The Block is only breakable with a pickaxe with iron mining level or higher.


Obelisk is a block which functions like a bed in the nether but without the whole BOOM!!! features.


When an obelisk is placed on the ground it will set a new spawn point for a player, you can check if the spawn point was set by right click it, if not it will set the spawn point to that obelisk.

If you’re not a fan of those floating thingies just shift + right click the obelisk to remove them.

The Block is only breakable with a pickaxe with iron mining level or higher

Soul Soil

Soul Soil is a block which functions like farmland but requires lava instead of water and can only be tilled with a stone hoe or higher!


Currently there are 3 types of trees that generate in the nether.

  • Hell
    The first type is the hell tree which looks like an oak tree but with its own blocks, it also has a chance to drop ghast tear from leaves.


  • Ash
    The second type is the ash tree, it also has a chance to drop glowstone from leaves.


  • Soul
    The third type is the soul tree, it has a chance to drop the forbidden fruit from leaves and the leaves drop particles onto ground.


The Forbidden Fruit is food which has a chance to give you some good and some bad potion effects.

Nether Portal

  • Pedestal is a block that holds any item but for the portal it is required to a water bucket is in it (by default, can be changed in the config file)
  • Portal is a custom block that replaces the vanilla portal (vanilla portal can be disabled in the config), it is for those who want a bit harder way to get out of the nether instead of simple obsidian portal.


The picture above shows how the pedestals should be placed around the portal. There’s also required items for the portal that go inside its gui together with the liquid that is used as a fuel (all of this can be changed)

The picture above shows the default required items and the fuel (water).
After you got all the required items and fuel just press the activation button (checkmark) and the portal will start activating, when its activated just step on it and the teleportation sequence will start which will bring you into overworld on a platform like this.

The portal on the picture above is a “slave” which just monitors the “master” portal in the nether and deactivates, activates or deletes itself depending the state of the “master” portal.

There’s a lot more config options but to see those just launch the game and play with the file!


Minecraft Forge

Nether Utils Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
NetherUtils-1.12-1.4.21.jar Release 1.12.2 Apr 18, 2018
NetherUtils-1.12-1.3.19.jar Release 1.12.2 Mar 29, 2018
NetherUtils-1.12-1.3.17.jar Release 1.12.2 Feb 23, 2018

Author: Terrails

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