Nether Run Map 1.10.2


You’re visiting the Nether, but it is a dangerous place and the Ghasts seem very aggressive today. You’ve been spotted by one of them, and they want to kill you. You have to watch out and flee from it by doing parkour through the whole Nether while the Ghast is chasing and shooting at you.


  • The Ghast is following and shooting at you
  • Some Blocks are appearing and disappearing
  • Flames and Flamethrower are trying to catch you on fire
  • Enemys are spawning infront of you
  • Bridges are moving over Gaps
  • You can sneak through cracks
  • Falling from the platform is sucking you into the ground and kills you before you fall slowly into the void
  • Soul Sand is making you really slowly
  • Granite is giving you levitation
  • Netherwartblock is driving you crazy
  • and more?



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