Mystery of the Time Keeper Map 1.8


A brand new custom adventure-mode map built for the latest Minecraft 1.8+ (currently snapshot versions), designed particularly for 1 or 2 players.

Uncover what has happened to time itself, help the villagers of the clock tower, complete multiple side-quests while following the main storyline, go on a huge adventure and see amazing sights, solve puzzles, and ultimately become a saviour ? or a destroyer ? of the people.








  • Requires Minecraft 1.8+ (Snapshot 14w10c or above).
  • Will NOT work in Minecraft 1.7.5 or earlier!
  • Designed particularly for 1-2 players, but will support small groups!
  • Requires command blocks enabled for servers.
  • Must play in peaceful mode.
  • Must stay in adventure mode (NOT survival or creative!).
  • When you first start the map, have a walk around the spawn room and read some of the signs.
  • Once you step on the pressure pad to start the map, a series of command blocks will set up most of the gamerules for you (eg put you in adventure mode, set map to peaceful mode etc.) ? please don’t alter any of these settings afterwards, it will cause problems!
  • Please read the books in the starter cave once you start the adventure, they are VERY short. Also take and keep the ?Token List? book with you ? this will be an invaluable tool in finding the hidden tokens found throughout the map!
  • If the starting pressure pad or button in the starter room do nothing, then you are NOT running the latest un-modded vanilla Minecraft. You must ?Edit Profile? in the Minecraft launcher, and choose ?Enable Experimental Development Versions (Snapshots)?, and select ?Use Latest Version? (or ?14w08a? for a pretty stable earlier snapshot).


  • Mystery of the Time Keeper requires the latest Minecraft 1.8+ (Snapshot 14w10c or above). The map will NOT work with Minecraft 1.7 or earlier. If running on a multiplayer server, you must enable command-blocks, and use the latest 1.8+ vanilla snapshot server files.
  • If you cannot load the map/it isn’t listed, check you didn’t double up the folders when unzipping, eg it should be ?/saves/TimeKeeper/level.dat? not ?/saves/level.dat? or ?/saves/TimeKeeper/TimeKeeper/level.dat?
  • Mac Singleplayer: The same instructions as above, but you must find and navigate to ?Finder/Application Support/minecraft/saves?, and unzip the map file into a new folder into this location.

How to install:

Windows Singleplayer/LAN:

  • 1) Download the .zip file onto your desktop (or anywhere you can find it again).
  • 2) Press your Windows Key + R (letter R together with the windows key in the bottom left of your keyboard), and type in ?%appdata%? (with the percentage symbols).
  • 3) Enter the ?.minecraft? folder, and then navigate into the ?Saves? folder.
  • 4) You should now be in a folder similar to: ?C:UsersYour UsernameAppDataRoaming.minecraftsaves?
  • 5) Unzip the Time Keeper map zip file you downloaded earlier into a folder called ?TimeKeeper?, and place this folder into the this ?saves? folder.
  • 6) You will now be able to select the map in Singleplayer mode, and can open up to Lan play from there if you like!

Multiplayer Server:

  • 1) Download the .zip file onto your desktop (or anywhere you can find it again).
  • 2) Go into your minecraft server directory.
  • 3) Unzip the Time Keeper map zip file you downloaded earlier into a folder called ?TimeKeeper? (for example), and place this folder into your server folder.
  • 4) Alter your ? file and set the ?level-name=? setting to match the map folder name (?TimeKeeper?) or whatever folder name you use. Alternatively, simply name the folder ?world? and leave this setting blank in
  • 5) Launch your server and connect!

Recommended settings:




  • Fixed a couple of typos.
  • Removed random junk from many chests that people were stockpiling.
  • Modified a number of signs/instructions to avoid some confusion throughout.
  • Modified a couple of Tokens of Solving to make them (slightly) easier to find.
  • Wizard moved closer to house entrance for added visual effect.
  • Wizard removes the? ?ingredient?? on completion.
  • Removed an erroneous extra Seeking Token from Bill’s wheat field (the token is not in the field, but there *ISa token at Bill’s windmill?).
  • Made Ironbridge parkour easier in a couple of places.
  • Ironbridge parkour only needs 3 not 4 supports now.
  • Added signs to Dockmaster piers to clarify directions.
  • Modified the stairway ?puzzle? after the water-tunnel boating area.
  • Exiting any of the three possible parkour areas throughout the map checks for creative/survival mode and sets you back to adventure mode, as some people forget to go back to adventure, or went back to survival by accident.
  • A few other very minor changes to generally make things easier to find/navigate to.

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