More Shovels Mod 1.7.2

More Shovels Mod 1.7.2

This mod adds many new shovels and 1 new item. List of Shovels:

  • Obsidian Shovel
  • Netherack Shovel
  • Dirt Shovel
  • Slime Shovel
  • Cactus Shovel
  • Sugar Shovel
  • Glowing Diamond Shovel
  • Wool Shovel
  • Coal Shovel
  • Gunpowder Shovel

This mod also adds a new item which makes an overpowered shovel, the glowing diamond.This is my first mod. Feel free to suggest new shovels and other things to add.

Download More Shovels Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2

Author: austin1298


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