Modular Machines Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2

Modular Machines Mod provides you with modules with that can build machines with different functions. Most of the modules are built on each other. For example, a heat machine requires heat to work.

Getting Started

Modular Machines Mod is a mod about modules and modular machines.

To get started you need a modular chassis.


In the gui of the modular chassis, you see on the left side the allowed complexity of the modular and the current complexity. The machine has a complexity for every side and one for the complete machine. You only can assemble a modular if the comlexity is not above the allowed complexity. The allowed complexity for a side is defined by the module storage of a side and the allowed complexity of the complete machine is defined by a controller. The internal side is the storage of a casing. For all other sides are the storage’s normal module like the large brick module storage.

You need module storages to storage modules on a side. Every module has his on position. For example, a engine can only be stored on one of the side storages.

If a modular machine can not be assembled for some reasons, it will told you in the box on the right side of the gui.

Modules in  the mod

  • Steam Heater:
    Type: Heat Generator
    Description: Generate heat from steam.
  • Burning Heater:
    Type: Heat Generator
    Description: Generate heat from solid fuel.
  • Alloy Smelter:
    Type: Machine
    Requirement: Heat
    Description: Smelts to alloys to a alloy.
  • Pulverizer:
    Type: Machine
    Requirement: Kinetic Energy
    Description: Pulverize ores and other thinks.
  • Boiler:
    Type: Machine
    Requirement: Heat
    Description: Create steam with the healp of water an heat.
  • Controller:
    Description: Defined the allowed complexity of the a machine.


  • Backup your world!
  • Delete any old versions of the Modular-Machines.jar file from your “.minecraft/mods” folder.
  • Install Minecraft Forge
  • Download and drop the .jar file into your “.minecraft/mods” folder.

Modular Machines Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
modularmachines_1.10.2- Beta 1.10.2 Oct 13, 2016

Author: Nedelosk

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