Mod Pack Creator & Installer 1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2

Mod Pack Creator & Installer is a program that lets you create a mod pack ?bundle? with an installer.. Select your Internal Mods, Normal Mods, Config files, include a forge version, add a Resource Pack, maybe even a preset server list.. Customize the installer so it looks as you want and create it. A packed mod package is the created with an installer. This is done with the Mod Pack Creator.

Running the Installer will then, based on the settings you provided in the Mod Pack Creator, install the mods, configs, automaticly create a Magic Launcher profile, and create a desktop icon to launch your mod. If you have included a Forge version and specified a required Minecraft version for the mod, the installer will also check for this, and even download forge discrepancies!

Features of Mod Pack Creator

  • Cuztomize the installer so it matches your mod packs theme
  • Include whole folders for mods/configs (include your current installed mods from Minecraft as an example)
  • Include or create a default Resource pack!
  • Include preset servers
  • Packs your mod pack bundle into a total of now only 2 files!
  • Automated updater. If a new version is made public you will be notified and the software can download it for you
  • Save/Load function.
  • Help button for each setting.

Features of Mod Pack Installer

  • Customizeable installer
  • Can show lists of the mods included
  • Forge detection system. Mod pack is not installable if the client does not install the provided Forge version.
  • Minecraft detection system. Mod pack is not installable if the client does not have the required Minecraft Version.
  • Forge discrepancy detection and download
  • Automated Magic Launcher profile generation based on the mods included.


The download link above contains a zip file, which holds a single file: Updater.exe. Run Updater to download the newest files directly from me. Dont delete the file afterwards as the rest of the software uses it to check for updates

Download Mod Pack Creator & Installer

For 1.7.2/1.6.x

Author: Da9L

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