Mo’ Withers Mod for Minecraft 1.8


Mo’ Withers Mod adds more Withers to your world. At the moment, you can’t spawn these new Withers in without spawn eggs. These Withers will attack the living (except the Wither Girl ,Pink and Friendly Withers).

List of Withers:

  • Air Wither
  • Fire Wither
  • Earth Wither
  • Water Wither
  • Ice Wither
  • Lightning Wither
  • Pink Wither
  • Rich Wither
  • Friendly Wither
  • Valentine’s Day Wither
  • Void Wither
  • Wither Girl



Air Wither

  • Health: 300
  • Skull Damage: up to 20. Usually 8
  • Speed: Very Fast
  • Special Ability: Passing through walls. Blowing away mobs.
  • Armor rating: non-existant
  • The Air Wither is a a tough one to beat, despite his low armor. He’s almost completely see-through, and is very fast in the air (obviously).


Earth Wither

  • Health: 1500
  • Skull Damage: 15
  • Speed: Slow
  • Special Ability: Skulls turn into dirt on contact with blocks and entities.
  • Armor Rating: High
  • The Earth Wither is a snail in speed compared to other Withers, and is in fact the slowest Wither ever. In the air, that is. He only flies to get to a target. If it’s raining, he’ll become bogged down by it and can no longer fly. That’s not necessarily a good thing, as being in contact with the ground with quintuple his regen rate. He also refuses to attack animals.


Fire Wither

  • Health: 600
  • Skull Damage: up to 16. Usually 8
  • Speed: Same as normal Wither
  • Special Ability: Burning stuff to a crisp.
  • Armor Rating: Average
  • The Fire Wither is his name’s sake: He’s a flaming, ill tempered, fire skull shooting bad ass! This guy also doesn’t like forests, and CERTAINLY doesn’t like rain or cold biomes.


Friendly Wither

  • Health: 300
  • Skull Damage: 8 armor piercing
  • Speed: Same as normal Wither
  • Special Ability: Helping Players to fight mobs. Fight his less helpful Wither brothers
  • Armor Rating: Low
  • Friendly Withers are very lovable. Not just because of their ridiculous faces, but also because of just how helpful they are. Show him a Nether Star, and he’ll will show great interest in you. Right on him with the Nether Star, and you’ve got yourself a new companion! Just be sure to right click him again once you’ve logged back in, as he might have forgotten who you are by then. The best thing is that you can kill this guy!


Ice Wither

  • Health: 600
  • Skull Damage: 12
  • Speed: Slightly slower
  • Special Ability: Skulls turn into ice (sometimes packed) on contact with blocks and entities. Giving nearby non-undead mobs hypothermia.
  • Armor Rating: Average
  • A very cold one, the Ice Wither is much stronger than his more Watery cousin. He will take damage in hot biomes.


Lightning Wither

  • Health: 900
  • Skull Damage: up to 23. Usually 8 (can be more due to Lightning bolts)
  • Speed: Fast
  • Special Ability: Shooting Lightning. Attracting Lightning Bolts to himself to heal himself during thunderstorms.
  • Armor Rating: Average
  • One of the most deadly Withers on the block, the Lightning Wither shooting Lightning bolts like a psychopath. Nothing more to say other than you might never beat him.


Pink Wither

  • Health: 50
  • Skull Damage: 8 armor piercing to undead from skulls and AOE effect. heals living creatures by 8.
  • Speed: Fast
  • Special Ability: Healing you. Growing plants with a bonemeal effect, which both he and his skulls do. Fighting normal Withers. Being love and life.
  • Armor Rating: non-existant
  • Not really a combatant, the Pink Wither is more of a support mob. His skulls can heal any living entities they hit, and damage undead mobs.


Rich Wither

  • Health: 1200
  • Skull Damage: 15
  • Speed: Same as normal Wither
  • Special Ability: Skulls turn into gold blocks on contact with blocks and entities. Wasting money. Being superfluous. Taunting you with his riches. Being a lawyer to Corporations.
  • Armor Rating: High
  • Don’t kill this guy immediately. The Rich Wither will throw his gold at your face in an attempt to kill. This gold becomes free once you kill him.


Valentine’s Day Wither

  • Health: 1500
  • Skull Damage: up to 18. Usually 12. Burns you too.
  • Speed: Same as normal Wither
  • Special Ability: Making you realize that love hurts.
  • Armor Rating: High
  • The Valentine’s day Wither is one of the main Holiday Withers in the Mod. He has a giant health pool along with an armor-piercing skull that can even give you the custom death message “Player was killed by love”. The Ultimate Embarrassment!


The Void Wither

  • Health: 10000
  • Skull Damage: 46
  • Speed: Slightly slower
  • Special Ability: Ruining everyone’s life. Converting everything to darkness.
  • Armor Rating: Extreme
  • The strongest and largest of the Withers, the Void Wither is the scariest one of all. Even his idle sounds will give you goose bumps.


Water Wither

  • Health: 600
  • Skull Damage: up to 24. Usually 12
  • Speed: Slightly faster
  • Special Ability: Skulls turn into water on contact with blocks and entities.
  • Armor Rating: non-existant
  • The wettest of the Withers, the Water Wither is the worst of all because he doesn’t attack SQUIDS! He will take damage when in hot biomes.


The Wither Girl

  • Health: 1200
  • Skull Damage: 20 armor-piercing
  • Speed: Very Fast
  • Special Ability: Being special. Being the only female in the mod (all other Withers are either male or genderless). Catching the attention of some Minecraftian guys. Fighting evil and normal Withers. Helping people.
  • Armor Rating: Considerable
  • Samantha is the only entity in Mo’ Withers who is female. She also will be the only entity to have a detailed back story and quest line that the player can follow. She will help you, but she doesn’t follow you unlike a friendly wither. You must entice her with a blaze rod. If you give it to her, she’ll give you nether warts and ghast tears as a fair trade. Samantha also can’t be harmed by you (just to prevent any fatal mistakes).


Mod Showcases:

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • If the “mods” folder does not exist you can create one.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into that.
  • Enjoy the mod.

Download Links:

For 1.8

Credits: AndrDneehtfoerusaert

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