Mo’ Blades Mod 1.6.4

Mo’ Blades Mod 1.6.4

Mo’ Blades is re-opening with new code and new goals, along with 45+ Weapons for dirt, snow, coal, glass, redstone, emerald, obsidian, and lapis! I plan on making some serious updates to this mod, and making it a game changing feature everyone will love.



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Installation Mo’ Blades Mod

  1. Download Minecraft ForgeInstaller
  2. Run Installer.
  3. Download my mod here.
  4. Make a new profile on the new laucher for minecraft that uses forge.
  5. Run, if black screen redo 1 ? 4 steps
  6. Close Minecraft and go into your minecraft folder.
  7. Go into your mods folder.
  8. Unzip / unarchive my mod and place the folder: Mo’ Blades into the mods folder.
  9. Play Minecraft and have fun!

Download Mo’ Blades Mod

Credits: Andrewizard

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