Minilization Mod 1.7.4

Minilization Mod 1.7.4

This mod is called Minilization mod,your’e probably wondering ?What the heck is that(Mind Blown)? Minilization mod is a mod that brings 6 Civilizations to minecraft.

  • The Egyptians(Live in the Desert)
  • The Romans(Can live in Plains,Taiga,Normal Forests and Extreme hills)
  • The Zulu’s(Can live in Plains,Savannah,Jungle and plains)
  • The Ottomans(Can live in most Snow biomes,Plains and Extreme hills.)
  • The Greeks(Can live in Plains,Taiga,Extreme Hills and Normal Forest)
  • The Mongolians(Can live in Deserts and Plains)

All these Civilizations start off as wondering cavemen around the world,if you choose to go up to one there is a slight chance of it deciding to attack you but if not it asks you to help it and says?I am a great New King of The [Civilization] empire and I wish to leave or old Huts and Old ways.?He then asks you for some items such as wood etc..To help build his civilization.Even the civilizations you dont help get built just not as fast.After a while that civilization will have quite a few people living in their City and those people build more buildings,guard the streets,mine,farm and many more?And when a certain City has enough people they start recruiting soldiers to counquer new lands and thats where epic battles break out.And if you become friendly enough with an empire by doing quests or trading you too may join the army.Now I know all these empires were not at the same time as each other but heck its fun.And this might seem like Millinere mod but it is going to be alot more different,different textures,different gameplay such as siege weapons and much bigger battles and guess what sea Battles!.

Download Minilization Mod 1.7.4

For 1.7.4

Author: Trisdss

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