Mini Mod 1.6.2/1.5.2

Mini Mod adds a BUNCH of mini mods into your game. You can toggle them on or off in the config file as well as edit some things about certain mods.


  • Cobblestone crafting
  • Telescopes
  • Fishing nets
  • Wood converters
  • Stone doors
  • Hammers
  • Coins/Coin pouch
  • Advanced droppers
  • Tool heads
  • Ez FPS
  • Info HUD
  • Trash Can
  • Spirit Ball
  • Attractor



Stone Doors:

  • Adds craftable stone doors that can be opened manually and are unbreakable to zombies.


Name: Stone Door
Mini Mod

Fishing Nets:

  • Adds fishing nets that can farm fish for you and deposit them in a chest (chest must be within 16 blocks of the net). They will randomly get clogged with seaweed, to unclog them right click on them.


Name: Fishing Net
Mini Mod

Wood Converters:

  • Adds blocks that when right clicked will change all would in your inventory to the type that the converter is


Name: Wood Converter
Info: Different wood converters (oak, spruce, birch, jungle) can be made by surrounding the saw in the desired wood
Mini Mod


  • Adds telescopes that have variable zoom. They can also be crafted with a night vision potion to give night vision when looking through them


Name: Lens
Mini Mod

Name: Telescope(x3)
Mini Mod

Name: Telescope(x6)
Mini Mod

Name: Telescope(x9)
Mini Mod

Name: Telescope(x12)
Info: The telescope in the recipe is a “Telescope(x9)”
Mini Mod

Name: Telescope w/ Vision
Info: can be done to any telescope
Mini Mod


  • Adds hammers to your game that can be used to make chain links, they can also be use to repair anvils. The chain links can be used to make chain mail armour, just use the vanialla armour recipes.

Name: Wood Hammer
Info: 10 uses
Mini Mod

Name: Stone Hammer
Info: 20 uses
Mini Mod

Name: Iron Hammer
Info: 30 uses
Mini Mod

Name: Diamond Hammer
Info: 40 uses
Mini Mod

Name: Gold Hammer
Info: 15 uses
Mini Mod

Name: Chain Link
Info: any hammer can be used
Mini Mod


  • Adds coins that can be used in servers as currency. Can change how the coins are obtained in the config, wheather they’re found in chests, dropped by mosters, dropped only by monster that are killed by players, or crafted.

Name: Coin Pouch
Info: Right click to store coins, shift + right click to withdraw coins
Mini Mod

Name: Iron Coin
Mini Mod

Name: Gold Coin
Mini Mod

Name: Diamond Coin
Mini Mod

Name: Royal Coin
Mini Mod

Advanced Dropper:

  • Adds a block that acts like a dropper but is always on, therefore it will move item up, down, north, east, south, west on its on without power

Name: Advanced Dropper
Mini Mod

Recyle Bin:

  • Adds a block that when right clicked will consume one of the items in the stack you’re holding, shift right click to consume the whole stack

Name: Recyle Bin
Mini Mod

Spirit Ball:

  • Adds an item that is used to store horses in so you don’t have to use leads, or lose your horse. You have to own the horse to pick it up. Right click the horse to store it, and them right click the ground to release it.

Name: Spirit Ball
Mini Mod


  • Adds a block that is used to pick-up up nearby items. The items it picks up can be filtered by placing the block you want it to pick up in the very top column. There are also slots for upgrades (the left most and right most slots) that can increase range, speed, effect hoppers, and make the attractor act like a recycle bin. The attractor can be toggled on and off with a redstone signal. Magnetite can be obtained from magnetite ore which spawns throughout the world.

Name: Attractor
Mini Mod

Name: Range Upgrade
Info: Increases range of the attractor
Mini Mod

Name: Speed Upgrade
Info: Increases the speed of how fast the attractor picks up item, also effects the speed of how fast the recycler upgrade recycles
Mini Mod

Name: Ejector Upgrade
Info: Allows hoppers to extract items from the attractor
Mini Mod

Name: Recycler Upgrade
Info: Recycles items in the attractors inventory
Mini Mod

Cobble Crafting:

  • Adds cobblestone stick that can be used to make any item that could be made with a normal stick. Cobblestone crafting tables can also be made

Tool Heads:

  • When the tool you’re using is depleted there is a chance that the head of the tool will pop of. To reuse the head make a put two sticks in the crafting table (one under the other) and place the head on top


  • Shows your fps in the top left corner of the screen

Info HUD:

  • Shows your armour in the top left corner of your screen along with how much damage it can withstand till it breaks. Also If you’re holding a block it will show how many of blocks you have in all


  • Download and install Minecraft Forge installer
  • Download Mini Mod and DukeCore
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar files into the .minecraft/mods folder. If one does not exist you can create one.
  • Done

Download Links:

For 1.6.2


For 1.5.2


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