Minecraft Realism Mod 1.7.10


Minecraft Realism Mod aims to make Minecraft a bit more realistic through crafting and tools. There is no more breaking mountains with a bit of wood. There is no more magically turning a log into neat little planks just by putting it on a table. This adds dozens of new items, changes many Vanilla recipes and also gives Emeralds and The End more use.


  • ‘Lost items’ like Coins and Pocket Watches can occasionally be found in tall grass and can be melted down for iron chunks
  • Iron Chunks – Hammer them at a crafting bench to produce iron ingots.
  • Copper Rod – Used to make Threaders.
  • Copper Shell – Used to make batteries that power Handsaws.
  • Tool Rods – Used to craft various tools and weapons. Much sturdier than sticks.
  • Saw Blades – Can’t make Handsaws without it. Can also be used as a mediocre weapon.


  • Threaders – Wood, Iron, Gold or Emerald. Used to spin Cloth and String.
  • Hammers – Stone, Iron or Emerald. Used for mining and turning chunks of iron into ingots.
  • Handsaws – Iron, Gold or Emerald. Used for cutting down trees and slicing through enemies. Also needed to craft planks.*
  • Rocks – Found randomly in tall grass. Can be thrown at enemies or used to mine Stone.
  • Fertiliser – Used for creating farmland for crops. Comes in small bags.


  • Redstone Batteries 
    • Required in order to craft handsaws. Can be found in dungeon/mineshaft/village chests as well as the Bonus Chest if you don’t have redstone.
  • Sponge – Found at the bottom of the ocean and deep rivers. Has no real purpose?


  • Full Emerald equipment. Very high enchantability. Faster but less durable than diamond.
  • Ender Bow & Arrows – A powerful weapon obtainable only after killing the Wither and entering The End.

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Author: Eria8

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