Minecraft Is Too Easy Mod 1.6.4


“One does not simply walk into the mountains and mine iron ore with a wooden pickaxe.”

The Minecraft Is Too Easy (MITE) mod was created to emphasize and enhance the survival aspect of the game. It accomplishes this by increasing the difficulty of survival mode and introducing new content and game mechanics. MITE is a comprehensive mod that alters roughly 500 of the game’s class files and adds many new ones.


New Metals

  • Copper is probably the first metal you will mine, smelt and make tools with
  • Silver provides bonuses vs undead, and some creatures can only be harmed by silver or enchanted weapons
  • Mithril is incredibly durable and the smelting of its ore will mark your entry into the Mythic Age
  • Adamantium is the most durable of all metals, is only found at the deepest depths and requires the hottest furnaces to smelt

Anvils Reworked

  • There are six types of anvils now, one for each metal
  • Anvils can only repair metal-based items
  • Anvils can only repair items that are of equal or lesser hardness than the material they are made of
  • Anvils no longer consume experience levels and may be used an unlimited number of times
  • The ability to combine enchanted tools to stack their enchantment bonuses has been removed
  • Anvils require metal nuggets instead of ingots (1 ingot = 9 nuggets)
  • The number of nuggets required to repair an item is equal to the number of ingots it was made with

New Furnaces & Heat Levels

  • Four new kinds of furnaces have been added
  • Clay ovens can be built with bare hands and are useful for cooking but are too small to burn blocks
  • Sandstone ovens can be used for cooking and producing charcoal
  • Obsidian furnaces can use lava as fuel and burn hot enough to smelt mithril
  • Netherrack furnaces are able to withstand the intense heat of blaze rods
  • Furnaces now have a heat level, according to the type of fuel they are burning
  • Wood and charcoal burn hot enough for cooking
  • Coal burns hot enough for the smelting of copper, silver, gold and iron
  • Lava is hot enough to smelt mithril ore
  • Blaze rods are the only heat source hot enough to smelt adamantite
  • A sizzle sound has been added for cooking meat

New Tools, Weapons & Armor

  • Cudgels, clubs, flint axes and flint knives will likely be the first weapons you make
  • Daggers are easier to make than swords but have less reach, cannot parry and do less damage
  • Battle axes combine the functionality of swords and hand axes
  • War hammers are extra durable weapons that can be used for mining
  • Mattocks are more durable than hoes and can also be used for digging
  • The new hybrid tools aren’t as efficient as their specialized counterparts
  • There are now 7 kinds of arrows in the game (flint, copper, silver, gold, iron, mithril, adamantium)
  • The ability to make chain mail armor has been added

New Enchantments

  • A stun enchantment has been added for war hammers
  • A fortune enchantment has been added for fishing rods
  • A regeneration enchantment has been added for torso armors
  • A speed and free action enchantment has been added for boots
  • A fertility enchantment has been added for hoes and mattocks
  • A tree felling enchantment has been added for axes and battle axes
  • A vampiric (life-stealing) enchantment has been added for swords, daggers and scythes

More Foods

  • Cheese can now be made from milk
  • Cocoa and sugar can be combined to make chocolate
  • Dandelions can be gathered into a bowl to make a salad
  • Dough is made by mixing flour and water, it can be baked into bread
  • Three new soups and stews have been added: chicken, beef, and vegetable
  • Combine a bowl of milk with chocolate and a snowball to make ice cream

New Mobs

  • Ghouls are faster than zombies and cause temporary paralysis
  • Wights are immune to mundane weapons and can drain experience levels
  • Invisible stalkers are (nearly) invisible
  • Demon spiders have deadly venom that causes paralysis and poisoning
  • Hellhounds breath fire and can set their victims ablaze
  • Dire wolves roam the snowy forests and may attack if approached
  • Infernal creepers explode with greater force than their weaker cousins
  • Wood spiders infest forested areas and are hostile during the day
  • Shadows lurk in the darkest depths and will seek out and destroy sources of light
  • Fire elementals are damage-resistant beings that can emerge from deep pools of lava

Enhanced Animals

  • Livestock such as chickens, pigs, sheep and cows now require food, water, sunlight and a degree of freedom or they will grow sickly and unproductive
  • Overcrowding will also cause these animals to become unwell
  • Animals are capable of finding sources of food and water on their own
  • Animals are able to pick up and consume food items in their vicinity
  • Animals now flee from predators in a more sensible manner
  • Animals will try to move away from fire and find shelter in bad weather

Enhanced Farming

  • A new crop (onions) has been added
  • Crop growing rates are affected by local temperature and humidity
  • Crops have a chance of becoming blighted, which ruins their yield
  • Blight spreads among neighboring crops of the same kind
  • Distant crops continue to grow as if a player was nearby
  • Livestock animals periodically drop manure which can be used as a soil ammendment

Beds Changed

  • Healing rate is doubled while in bed
  • Beds can be napped in during the day for convenience
  • Beds cannot be slept in outdoors unless they have a decent amount of sheltering
  • Mobs can sneak up on you while your character sleeps so be careful to secure the area first
  • Your character’s metabolism continues while sleeping and they will wake before dawn if they become too hungry

Terrain Generation Tweaks

  • Dirt is less frequently encountered at lower depths
  • Iron ore veins become larger and more frequent at lower depths
  • Lava flows and lakes appear on the surface less often
  • Deep areas now contain more lava


  • Logs, stone and other hard blocks cannot be harvested with your bare hands
  • Crafting now takes an amount of time appropriate for the recipe being used
  • Player digging speed and attack damage increase slightly with each level gained
  • Item stack size limits have been modified, reduced in many cases
  • Items that are dropped by players now persist for much longer before disappearing (a full day)
  • Your character now has a basal metabolism and will slowly consume food even when doing nothing
  • Performing strenuous tasks such as digging dirt or chopping wood consumes food on a per-hit basis
  • Exposure to rain increases hunger rate
  • You can’t eat or drink while underwater, unless you have water-breathing ability
  • Mushroom islands have been removed
  • A zoom feature has been added (z key)
  • A run toggle has been added (tab key)
  • Skeletons have less health but are faster
  • Tamed wolves have been given more behaviors
  • Witches have been given a wider range of behaviors and new sounds
  • Burning creatures have a small chance of setting fire to nearby flammable objects
  • Blocking with tools or weapons now causes damage to them
  • Strongboxes are secure metal chests that can only be opened by the player who placed them
  • Dirt will fall if undermined or stepped on by the player, so watch out for cave-ins
  • TNT no longer destroys ore, but is destructive to gems
  • Gravel blocks have a tiny chance of dropping metal nuggets or gem shards
  • Leaf blocks have a chance of dropping sticks
  • Tall grass can be silk-harvested by removing the block beneath it (useful for transplanting)
  • Accuracy using a bow is affected by character level
  • Metal nuggets can be substituted for flint in the making of arrows
  • Arrows can sometimes be recovered from their targets
  • Lesser enchantment tables can be crafted using emeralds instead of diamonds
  • Fishing rods can be enchanted and repaired, and now require a metal nugget in their crafting
  • The best time for fishing is near dawn or dusk, or when it is raining
  • Chance of catching fish is higher in larger and deeper bodies of water
  • Wooden bowls can be filled with milk from cows
  • Crops such as sugar cane, carrots, potatoes, wheat, pumpkins and melons grow more slowly
  • Seeds, sugar and mushrooms can be eaten for a small amount of nourishment
  • It takes longer to starve to death but your character cannot break or place blocks while starving
  • Animals and living creatures regain health slowly over time
  • Animals appear less frequently, but will not despawn once located
  • Baby chickens no longer drown while swimming in water
  • Zombies and ghouls will attack animals; chickens are especially vulnerable because they are also hunted by wolves and spiders



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How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod and unzip it.
  • (If you are on Windows then simply run the Install MITE For Windows installer and you’re finished.)
  • Go to Run >> %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/versions/1.6.4 folder.
  • Paste the “1.6.4-MITE” folder into the “versions” folder.
  • Copy 1.6.4.jar to 1.6.4-MITE folder
  • Rename it to 1.6.4-MITE.jar
  • Open 1.6.4-MITE.jar using WinZip or 7Zip
  • Delete META_INF folder inside
  • Copy contents of class folder into 1.6.4-MITE.jar
  • Move MITE Resource Pack 1.6.4.zip to the resourcepacks folder in .minecraft
  • Run the Minecraft launcher and edit your profile to use 1.6.4-MITE version
  • Enjoy the mod.

Download Links:

For 1.6.4

Client: http://dl.mod-minecraft.net/download.php?file=dc8122035d47d1e316f820c4470903b7

Author: Avernite


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