Minecraft Diamond Snatch Game 1.7.4


Minecraft Diamond Snatch Game 1.7.4

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How to Play Minecraft Diamond Snatch Game 1.7.4

When you start the game, you should see the menu.
You will have started the game in fullscreen. To exit fullscreen, just press ?F11? on your keyboard.
You may also:
Press ?1? on your keyboard to start the game.
Press ?Esc? or ?Escape? on your keyboard to quit the game.

Once playing the game, all you have to do is click as many diamonds as you can. There is no way to see how much time you have left, but at the top you can see how many diamonds you have collected so far.

When the game ends you will be sent to the ?Game Over? screen. Here your final score is presented, and you may press ?1? to play the game again, press ?2? to return to the main menu, or press ?Esc? to quit the game.

Other Information:

  • File Size: 47.9 MB
  • Version: 1.0 Beta
  • Date of Creation: 3/9/14
  • Creator: zoombaz

Install Minecraft Diamond Snatch Game 1.7.4

  1. Click ?Download Diamond Snatch Beta?
  2. Open up the RAR package using WinRAR Archiver. (Or anything really)
  3. Drag the file inside anywhere you’d like. (Ex. Desktop)
  4. Run the file and enjoy!

Download Minecraft Diamond Snatch Game 1.7.4

For 1.7.4


Author: zoombaz


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