MetroWorld Client + Mod 1.6.2

MetroWorld Client + Mod 1.6.2

MetroWorld TM client. It’s beta-version.
You can download this like a mod (Use yellow button), and as a client (link downstairs)


It’s workable, but most things are write on Russian, and main launcher is unworkable. You need to use START.cmd. Then ? write your nickname and press Enter. After client launch ? you can close first window.
*If you need only mod ? than download mod from the yellow link. If you need a client ? then use these links ->

  • Link to minecraft Client:
  • Link to clear Client (If upper one ? doesn’t work):

This Pack include a Gas Block, designed for minecraft 1.6.1 (ported to 1.6.2). It is undestroyable in survival, and give you x2 damage per second, if you don’t have a Gasmask.

And also, it include a GP-5 Gas mask, that could prevent damage from gas. Probably, we thought to use gas like an a radiation on open places in our Metro 2033 world, but we need to make some more versions of this mod, to add there more gas types. Also, this mod is a part of MetroWorld minecraft game Client.

Plus, here added some more things, like SVD Dragunov’s Sniper Riffle, that use high-explosive bullets 7,62 mm. it is cheat, because we have not added ammo yet (And usual anti-armor bullets).


Download MetroWorld Client + Mod 1.6.2

For 1.6.2

Author: Miron_Bleek


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