Metaworlds Mod 1.6.4

What is Metaworlds?

The metaworlds mod essentially lets you create full minecraft worlds within the normal worlds which can have arbitrary relative positioning and rotation (yaw) and which can be moved in realtime.So this could be used to create zeppelines or flying islands or alike.


  • The metaworlds can have arbitrary positions and orientations relative to the stationary world
  • The metaworlds are fully editabel at all time just like the normal world
  • Savefiles of the metaworlds are normal world saves in subfolders *1
  • All the normal block mechanics should work in the metaworlds as well (though many still need adjustments to work correctly with metaworlds)

Usage Instructions:

  • After installing the mod place a SubWorldCreator block (which can be found in the same creative tab as cobblestone and should be the last block in the list) to create a new metaworld. This may take a few moments to load as it’s a full-featured world being created. To move the metaworld add a SubWorldController block (which can be found in the same creative tab as wood and should be the second last block in the list). The block has a woodplanks texture right now. The SubWorldController Block can be used by right-clicking it and you can release control by pressing [Shift].


Mod Showcase:

How to install Metaworlds Mod:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge
  • Download the mod
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar file into the C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods folder. If one does not exist you can create one
  • Enjoy the mod



  • Rewrote subworld info saving structure
  • Made some changes which improve compatibility with other mods like Ars Magica and Thaumcraft
  • Rewrote the EntitySubWorldController
  • Started to make improvements to entity position synchronization
  • Empty new chunks from subworlds are not being saved anymore
  • Some cleanup

Metaworlds Mod Download Links:

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