Metalforge – The Blacksmith Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Metalforge – The Blacksmith Mod is about metals, alloys and cool items. The players will have chances to work with these materials and special items. Moreover, this mod helps you with making Minecraft more realistic by adding the metalworking-mechanic. Let’s have a go!



This is a list of the more important features that were added in Beta 1.3 and some of the more important ones.

  • Copper Ore: Not much to say about this. Mine it, it’s useful
  • Tungsten Ore: Somewhat rare, you’ll find it somewhere deep down in the ground
  • Magnetite: Deco-block that spawns like ore would. Can be smelted into Iron Nuggets
  • Brown Coal Ore: A cheaper, more common alternative to coal
  • Beryl: Sexy crystal that comes in three colors. Spawns in huge veins while its also pretty rare. Every color can spawn in any biome but some spawn more in certain ones. Main source of Beryllium
  • Black Forest: Only biome this mod adds. It spawns Blackwood Trees, Xyrenite Ore and has a colorful ore-gen
  • Smith’s Shack: A small shack you might find around the world. Contains some neat loot, nothing too special


  • Cauldron(Vanilla): The wack ol’ cloth-washer will now turn glowing metal into its regular counterpart
  • Metalwork Station: Craft new metals from glowing ingots in the metalwork station by putting them in the station and then hitting the station with a Forge Hammer
  • Heat Treating Oven: Will turn regular metal ingots into their respective ‘hot’ version
  • Purifier: Will extract mind-blowing ammounts of mineral from your ore
  • High Temperature Smelter: Basically a modifyable, quickly processing version of your normal furnace
  • Heat Coils: A speed-upgrade for any of the 3 ultimately named machines, up to two coils per machine
  • Carbon Diablo: It’s a bomb. Explodes more powerfully the more coal, brown coal or coal coke it’s loaded with.
  • Working on making it more user-friendly since it doesn’t display the current charge as of now
  • Blackwood: A new type of wood that occurs in Black Forests, very fancy. Can be turnt into Lanterns
  • Blackwood Lanterns: Becomes a neat little light source after being lit with a Flint ‘n’ Steel


  • Glowing Ingots: The hot equivalent to normal metal ingots, used for alloying in the MW-Station
  • Tongs: The one item that you should keep in your hotbar while handling ‘hot items‘, or else there will be fire
  • Aerocompass: Right-click to detect whether there is a patch of beryl (Morganite, Heliodor or Aquamarine) in a 25x25x25 radius around you. Very helpful since beryl is now rather rare
  • Daggers: Weak stabbing weapon with high attack speed
  • Skogaxes: Y’already know, it’s that TreeCapitator joint
  • Armorslayer: Damages and, for the most part, bypasses armor worn by the target
  • Dragon Tears: May be dropped by ghasts that are weilding the weakness potion-effect status when they die. Needed to craft Dragoonyte
  • Dragoon Armor: Yes, it’s dragoon, not dragon. Crafted from Dragoonyte. Provides additional blast-, fire- and fall-protection
  • Dragoon Edge: Has a higher chance of beheading the target
  • Dragoon Lance: Right-click any block to repell from it, super cool
  • Dragoon Bow: As of right now, it’s just really strong lol
  • Dragoon Hammer: Multi-tool, other features might be added later



Minecraft Forge

Download Links:

For 1.7.10

Credits: mrzero_o

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