Memory Cleaner Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.7.10

Memory Cleaner Mod is a simple mod that cleans unused variables and related to your Memory, allowing Minecraft (and other programs) to run smoother. It is very lightweight: no blocks, items, GUIs, a Config file and some Commands.

You can even choose how often the mod will clean Minecraft’s memory in the Config File or with commands.


What do I need to do? Basically, there is nothing. But in the config file, you can choose if you want debug info in the console and change how often the mod will clear the memory.

And let’s ingame! You can do /memoryCleaner help for more info, but there is a command to clean the memory in the same moment, and change the config ingame.

How does it work?

Memory Cleaner Mod basically uses the Java Garbage Collector to clear unused variables. There are many when you have a lot of mods.
When it’s cleaning those variables, the game has a little lagspike of less than 0.3 seconds in average. It depends a bit on your computer.

Download Memory Cleaner Mod

For 1.8.1

For 1.7.10

Author: viniciuslrangel

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