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Welcome to Meiva!
From magic gardens of Azorzeia to the lands of perfect balance. Lonely wanderer travels to Meiva to search there for the way to his lost home Theia.


Meiva archipelago consists of two islands ? Whedab & Mitne. Whedab is opposite to Mitne ? Whedab is cold and dark but Mitne is warm and overgrown with flowers. In the middle of each island lives a god in form of volcano. Volcano inWhedab is hot and called Skaeren, volcano in Mitne is made of ice and is called Winimo. Skaeren controls earth and fire, Winimo is a master of water and air. One cannot exist without another, and only together they are whole. Winimoand Skaeren compete with each other in a game called ?dance of the elements?. In this game Skaeren controls earth and Winimo controls water. God that creates more complex and beautiful forms using his element while other god is trying to disturb him wins the game and is considered to be a winner for one year. After one year they start the game again, but this time previous winner loses the game.



Whedab is cold and frozen with a hot volcano in the middle. Swamps called Vixarth are located in the northern part of the island. Yongar is located south to Vixarth, this area is hilly and overgrown with pines and firs. Southern part ofWhedab is called Refir. Landscape here is very complex, with many hills, forests and icy structures that seem to be frozen in time. Battle arena between Skaeren and Winimo in Whedab is called Ekess. Mountains that surroundSkaeren are called Verthicha, they are snowy and icy.


Mitne is warm and cozy in contrast to Whedab. People named southern part of Mitne Anon. Northern part of Anon is overgrown with jungles and southern part is full of flowers and temperate forests. Reskafe is a huge mesa region located in the western part of Mitne, desert Inik is located east to Reskafe. Battle arena between gods is located in Inik near the oasis, it was named Edar. Northern part of Mitne is very mountainous. Savanna located there is named Ranatat.Winimo is surrounded by Ranatat from all sides except south.


Many layers of caves with resources.

Large scale environment created using strong combination of World Machine & Vue.

3D terrain created using new experimental methods.

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For 1.8

Author: Darastlix

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