Meals Mod 1.7.2

This is based on an idea by Jadedcat

How to install

Just drop this into your mods folder after installing Forge.

How to add food

After you started the game once, there should be a Meals_FoodConfig.json file in your config folder. The default one looks like this:

 "name":"Test Food 1",
 "name":"Test Food 2",

You can (and should) change the default foods to your own ones. To add your own food, copy one of the default ones and append it to the end; make sure there’s a comma after every closing bracket (except for the last one!).


There are four basic properties you can set for a type of food:


Pretty self-explanatory.

Hunger value

How many hunger points (half hunger bars) it restores.


How long you stay saturated after eating the food. Cookies are 0.1, carrots are 0.6, steak is 0.8 and golden apples are 1.2.

Use duration

How many ticks it takes to eat the food. Default for every vanilla food is 32.


To use a default Minecraft texture or a texture from another mod, use


as the texture name, where modid is the mod’s ModID (?minecraft? for vanilla MC) and texture_name is the internal texture name (look into a mod’s assets if you want to find it out).

If you want a custom texture, you have to create a new resource pack. To do this, create a new folder in your resourcepacks/ folder called whatever you want (your resource pack’s name). In there, create a new file called ?pack.mcmeta? that should look like this:

 "pack": {
  "pack_format": 1,
  "description": "Resource Pack"

In the created folder, also create the following folder structure:


In the items folder, put the textures you want to create. Make sure they’re PNG files.

Now, assuming you have created a file called strawberry.png, you can now refer to that file as ?meals:strawberry?. This goes for every file in the items folder. After you’re done, you can create a zip file with the resource pack folder in it to distribute to your users. Make sure your users have the resource pack loaded at all times, otherwise the missing textures will appear as purple-black squares (you don’t want this, do you?)


Recipes are created like this:


The first three groups of characters have to be three characters long and represent the shape of the items on the crafting grid. The first group represents the first layer, the second one the second layer etc., so this recipe would create a recipe with 3x ?b? on the top and the bottom, ?e? on the sides and ?s? in the center.

The other groups define what the characters mean. In the above example, ?b? is defined to be bread, ?e? is defined to be egg, and ?s? is defined to be spice:2 (?spice? with a metadata of 2). The names of the items have to be the names that were used to register the items (not the names that show up in the game!) To find these names, you can usually look at the language files in a mod’s assets.

Download Meals Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2

Author: meew0

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