MC-War Client Mod 1.7.2

MC-War Client Mod 1.7.2

Minecraftparty is one of the most successful servers of its kind. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize it’s just part of a much larger network. Also included is MC-Warfare, the best Call-of-Duty clone in Minecraft there is. 


Current Features: 

  • Scopes for pistol, sniper, and assault rifles.
  • A full MC-War server list.
  • An included release of my ?AssaultBlock? resource pack.
  • Permanent item tooltips.
  • Better timer.
  • XP bar level counter shows MC-War level.
  • A HUD for ammo, health, etc.
  • Multiple recticles.
  • Chatbox parsing.
  • Flag highlighting.
  • Multiple firemodes.
  • Flag notification sounds.
  • Language pack support.
  • A in-between static HUD.

Planned Features: 

  • A revamped GUI for menus.
  • 3D gun models (?).
  • Scoping/Sights animation.
  • Revamped gun menu GUI.
  • OptiFine integration. (Working on it!) 
  • Background music. (Working on it!) 
  • Custom gun sounds.
  • Minimap without players


Download MC-War Client Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2

Author: phantamanta44

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