Master Smith Stuff Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Master Smith Stuff Mod is an interesting mod because this mod provides you with a lot of features in the Minecraft world.


Master Smith Stuff Mod adds new metals, glowing metals, furnaces, armory, tools and bars. Let’s play this mod!
We have been busy a while, but now it is out.

The Furnaces are:

Super hot furnace:

It is made for getting glowing stuff like glowing iron or glowing copper. This has 1 input, and you can use magnezium mix or thermite as fuel not coal. You DO NOT place this in a house full of wood  because this will burn everything just like lava does.


It  is made for compressing stuff (Glowing steel or Glowing bronze) as dual inputs. Coal and Glowing iron will make glowing steel. The fuel is like every other furnace.

Cooling Barrel:

It is made for cooling stuff (Glowing steel will be steel, glowing bronze > Bronze) This has 1 input. You need to store all the fuel. Water buckets is used for fuel.
With the steel or bronze, you can make armory or tools.

You also have beautiful bars & doors which you can use in your house. (Copper oxide).

Download Master Smith Stuff Mod

For 1.7.10

Author: kander18

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