Luppii’s Green Mod 1.6.4

Luppii's Green Mod

Luppii’s Green Mod 1.6.4

Luppii’s Green Mod adds more blocks, crops and items to Minecraft. For example a new tool, the Pruning Saw, which cuts down leaves very fast + destroy leaves in an area around the source block.



  • [New] Update checker function added. You no longer need to check manually for updates if you have this or a newer version added.



  • [Update] Raw mutton now has same ID as Cooked mutton. All existing raw mutton in your world will become oranges (orange have the old raw mutton id).


  • [Update] Cooked Mutton now regain for 6 hunger (+2).
  • [Update] Raw Mutton can now be eaten to regain 2 hunger.
  • [New] Squid now drop Raw Squid. Raw: 2 hunger. Cooked: 3 pieces, 2 hunger each.
  • [New] (Raw) Coconut ? Drop from Palm tree. Use an axe on a raw coconut to get coconut. Use an axe on coconut to get Coco Water, drink to regain 4 hunger.
  • [New] Orange ? Fruit drop from Orange tree. Peel (use in crafting grid) for 4 slices, eat to regain 1 hunger for each slice.


  • [New] Orange Tree.
  • [New] Palm Tree. Place a raw coconut in crafting grid to get a palm tree sapling.


  • [Update] Durability on Ruby/Sapphire tools has been raised from 250 to 384.
  • [Update] Pruning saw now lose 1 durability every 5 blocks destroyed.

 Download Luppii’s Green Mod 1.6.4

For 1.6.4

Author: Luppii


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