Luigis Industrial Farming Mod 1.6.4/1.6.2

Luigis Industrial Farming Mod 1.6.4


1. The Planter
It’s crafted like this:
Posted Image
Its purpose is to automatically plant seeds you store in its inventory. It is compatible with wheat, carrots, potatoes, cocoa beans, sugar cane and nether stalks. Located below a field of 9×9 blocks maximum it plants stored seeds when it receives a redstone impulse. In addition to that, it picks up seeds it needs for the next sowing. This seems to be a problem with crops that are their seeds themselves f.e. carrots. To solve this problem, the Planter counts the amount of seeds needed and stores them in its inventory. It won’t take more seeds than it needs to. This is the Planter’s inventory:
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The nine slots on the top left are the Planter’s inventory. There you can put the seeds you want it to plant. According to the seeds the Planter will automatically plant them to the fields they fit to: wheat, potatoes and carrots to tilled fields, sugar cane to dirt, grass or sand, nether stalks to soulsand and cocoa beans to jungle stems. The Slider on the top right is used to set up the field size. It ranges from 1 to 81 (9×9) fields. When placing the Planter, it’s important to set the field size ? otherwise it won’t plant!
The button on the right is used to toggle the item pickup. ?No item pickup? turns the pickup function off, ?pickup:? will make the Planter to recollect harvested crops. The slot on the far right can be used as an Item filter for the Planter to know which seeds to take back. Left free, the Planter will pick up all seeds, needed potatoes, carrots, sugar canes, nether stalks and cocoa beans. This function can be useful if you want to set up field patterns with more than one crop type to plant.
Here is a possible pattern for a wheat, potato or carrot farm:
Posted Image
and a cocoa farm:
Posted Image

2. The Clipper
The Clipper is a block that shears sheep on redstone power. It’s crafted like this:
Posted Image
If powered, sheep will automatically use their wool when they walk on top of the clipper. Using water you can make your sheep been sheared in regular time patterns, using the Allocator Mod by the amazing Pfaeff you can store lost wool in a chest nearby. Visit his presentation thread here: http://www.minecraft?p-pad-and-more/!
I feel committed to tell you that my mod is fully compatible with Pfaeffs Mod: You can even make the allocator work together with the Planter and the Manger:

3. The Manger
The Manger is used to feed animals to make them procreate. This is the recipe for the Manger:
Posted Image
You put seeds for chickens, carrots for pigs and wheat for every other farming animal in the Dispenser-Like inventory and wait for your animals to procreate. Don’t fear waste of food: The animals will only eat if there are two or more adults to make cute animal children.
But watch out: Tests have shown that your animal population quickly may go over every border: Control the size of your herd! (Maybe using the-)

4. The Scanner
The Scanner is made for solve the problems coming up with the use of my Manger. It’s crafted like this:
Posted Image
and counts your animal population in a set area. If the population has reached a set number of members the Scanner will emit a redstone signal. This is its gui:
Posted Image
The first Slider sets the area size. You can supervise an maximum area of 20×20 blocks. The second Slider tells the Scanner how many animals it should take to make it react. You can have herd sizes of 1-100 animals. Set to 0, the Scanner won’t ever emit power. The button tells the Scanner how to react to animal children. Set to ?detect children? it will also count children and add their number to the adult’s one. ?protect children? will make the Scanner never been triggered if there are children in the Scanner’s area ? This is useful if you like to kill your animals because children are inefficient to kill. Set to ?ignore children? the Scanner will only count the adults and not the children.

With the Redstone Update Redstone changed the way it works. It’s no longer a matter of on and off, there are possibilities to differ the strength of the emitted signal. Therefore, I added an alternate way of measuring the number of animals. Here, the Scanner will emit a signal representing the number of animals relating to the set Animal Count. If there are as many or more animals as set in the GUI, the Scanner will emit power of the default 15 blocks range, below the power depends on the number of animals divided by the Animal Count times 15. The new scanning method can be chosen in the config file of the mod. By default, the old method is used.


  1. Download the latest build of my mod.
  2. Drag the downloaded .zip to your .minecraft/mods-folder.



For 1.6.4

For 1.6.2

Credits: Luigi_Wollknaeuel


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