Lucky Block Orespawn Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10


Lucky Block Orespawn Mod can now add close to 100 new drops. You can get so much good stuff and bad stuff. I think this mod is so interesting that you should try it.

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  • Blocks can spawn Alien
  • Blocks can drop ultimate set
  • Added King Bob
  • Blocks can drop Amethyst tools
  • Blocks can spawn Nastysaurus
  • Blocks can drop ultimate tools
  • Blocks can drop Tiger’s eye tools
  • Blocks can drop kyanite tools
  • Blocks can drop ruby tools
  • Blocks can drop pink tourmaline
  • Blocks can drop battle axe
  • Blocks can drop nightmare sword
  • Blocks can drop attitude adjuster
  • Blocks can drop rat sword
  • Blocks can drop poison sword
  • Blocks can drop big hammer
  • Blocks can drop chainsaw
  • Blocks can drop fairy sword
  • Blocks can drop exp sword
  • Blocks can drop mantis claw
  • Blocks can drop ruby set
  • Blocks can drop tiger’s eye set
  • Blocks can drop lava eel set
  • Blocks can drop moth scale set
  • Blocks can drop emerald tools
  • Blocks can drop emerald set
  • Blocks can drop exp set
  • Blocks can drop amethyst tools
  • Blocks can drop pink tourmaline set
  • Blocks can drop peacock set
  • Blocks can drop lapis tools
  • Blocks can drop the prince egg
  • Blocks can drop the princess egg
  • Blocks can drop big bertha parts
  • Blocks can spawn mantis
  • Blocks can spawn bee
  • Blocks can spawn basilisk
  • The monster horde now can have scorpions
  • Blocks can spawn Charles the op scorpion
  • Blocks can spawn tameable adult dragons
  • The lucky gear is now emerald
  • Added mantis well
  • Added bee well
  • Added alien well
  • Added uranium ,titanium, and blt well
  • Rare chance of blocks spawning in Mobzilla!
  • Blocks can spawn Cater Killer
  • Blocks can spawn Molenoid
  • Blocks can spawn leonopteryx
  • Blocks can spawn robo pounder
  • Blocks can spawn robo warrior
  • Blocks can spawn robo sniper
  • Blocks can spawn robo gunner
  • Blocks can spawn bomb ombs
  • Blocks can spawn jeffery
  • Blocks can spawn lizard
  • Blocks can spawn ostrich
  • Blocks can spawn gazelle
  • Blocks can spawn triffid
  • Blocks can spawn rotator
  • Blocks can spawn mantis tower
  • Blocks can spawn mantis army
  • Uranium Blocks can now make blocks luckier adds 100 luck
  • Uranium Ingots now can make blocks luckier adds 24 luck
  • Titanium Blocks can now make blocks luckier adds 100 luck
  • Titanium Ingots now can make blocks luckier adds 24 luck
  • Amethyst can now make blocks luckier adds 18 luck
  • Amethyst Blocks can now make blocks luckier adds 100 luck
  • Rubies can now make blocks luckier adds 20 luck
  • Rubies can now make blocks luckier adds 100 luck
  • Blocks can spawn Bob’s Mom
  • Added Uranium tower
  • Added Titanium tower
  • Added Ruby tower
  • Added Amethyst tower
  • Blocks can spawn King
  • Blocks can spawn Queen
  • Blocks can drop thunder staff
  • Added Lucky leaves drop (triffid)
  • Added Cool Kids (ostrich)
  • Added sweg bees
  • Added jeffery book club
  • Added BLT corn dog and crabby patty well

Mod Showcase:

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download and install Lucky Block Mod and play at least 1 time .
  • Close Minecraft.
  • Delete original LuckyBlockProperties.txt from .minecraft/config/lucky.
  • Put the LuckyBlockProperties.txt (from this zip folder) in .minecraft/config/lucky.
  • Go in .minecraft/mods and open the lucky block mod’s .jar file.
  • After you opened it, go in mod/lucky/files and replace the original LuckyBlockProperties.txt with LuckyBlockProperties.txt from this zip folder.
  • After that go in /assets/lucky/textures/blocks and replace the original lucky_block.png with lucky_block.png from this zip folder.
  • Close everything and play.

Download Links:

For 1.7.10

Credits: Awesomdude

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