Kingdom Of Invernus Map

Kingdom Of Invernus Map

?Its Venom here bringing you guys a brand new project! This project is a very special one not only because of its quality but the reason I built it. This project was an application for the prestigious Gazamo Build Team. When I was offered to participate in a 72 hour build test by Takn928 I couldn’t say resist.So I spent all weekend building and it turns out that they really liked my build so as of 2/4/14 I am a member of the Gazamo build team! This build team is made up of some of the best elite builders and I will learn a lot and improve my skills a ton when building with these guys. I can’t wait to begin building and meeting all of the members! ? (from Venom)


Custom terraformed:
  • Mountains all around island which the castle is on
  • A river
  • Natural organic archway
  • Floating Island
  • Waterfall
  • Those pink trees
  • A cave
The actual building consists of:
  • Castle on an island with docks
  • Bridge connecting the castle to village
  • 3 styles of different houses
  • Watchtower
  • Boats
  • cave stuffs

Download Kingdom Of Invernus Map for Minecraft


Author: Venom


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