Juju’s CoffeeCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10


Juju’s CoffeeCraft Mod is an new mod created by a coffee. This mod is looking for something to satisfy that caffeine fueled craving. All the drinks are based on real coffeehouse style drinks with authentic recipes to match (Albeit simplified for the Minecraft world). There are plenty of pastries and baked goods for that sweet tooth as well as tons of decorative blocks to design your cafe.

The leaves are changing colors, and there is a cool breeze in the air. You can see fall is here.

Is your cafe ready? Don’t worry because with this update, it will be!

There are new blocks, food/drinks, tool, world gen plant, the ability to craft some “armor” and AND achievements. Some tips for you:

  • Craft some autumn themed tables, wallpaper and display shelves to set the mood for your cafe.
  • Create the new illuminated hedge complete with Halloween lights or the new Candy Cauldron block for a spooky party. Yummy treats are made with candy corn, apples and pumpkin.
  • Try a Candy Corn Latte or Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Apple.
  • Don’t forget fido either–another treat for your doggie has been added.
  • Dress up for the fall weather in a Cozy Sweater while you rake up or jump in the new Leaf Pile world gen plant. Or, if you are going to be inside the cafe all day, slip on a Barista Apron to keep your clothes clean.

Enjoy the season(and update!).






Minecraft Forge

Juju’s CoffeeCraft Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
JujusCoffeeCraft_v1.1 Release 1.7.10 Oct 7, 2016
JujusCoffeeCraft_v1.0 Release 1.7.10 Sep 15, 2016

Author: JujuAwesomeBeans

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