Jelly World Mod 1.6.4

Jelly World Mod 1.6.4

This shader makes the world around you shake and wobble. It’s basically an earthquake of sorts, but the Jelly World name stuck. Some detail is also present in the shader; characters, grass, snow, wheat and other stuff ?bounce? up and down and water splashes about like crazy.

Warning: These shaders may induce motion sickness in some people.



Instalaltion Jelly World Mod

  • First off, install Karyonix’s Shader Mod, as this shader will not work without it.
  • Put the .zip file into the ?shaderpacks? folder, located in the main ?.minecraft? dictionary.
  • Ingame, go into the Options menu and go into the Shaders menu. Select the Jelly World shader.
  • If you have Optifine installed with Shaders Mod, go into the Graphics menu and adjust the preformance to ?21 FPS?. Any higher FPS and the wobbling will look jittery.

Known Issues

  • Paintings and itemframes bounce like players/mobs, which looks weird.
  • Third person camera can clip through surfaces.
  • Flying mobs/players are also shaken in midair.
  • The world stops shaking when the doDaylightCycle game rule is disabled.


v2.0 testrelease 2

  • Another change to how the surroundings wobble. Try it out with a custom city map; the jiggling skyscrapers look awesome.
  • Fire now bounces like Tall Grass (although hard to notice).
  • Snow now longer glitches on the ground (you can still see it move up and down if you look at it closely).
  • Change to how vines wave.
  • Lava now waves.

 Download Jelly World Mod

For 1.6.4

v2.0 testrelease 2

v2.0 testrelease


Credits: Beed28


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