Inventory Saver Mod 1.6.4/1.6.2

Inventory Saver Mod 1.6.4

This mod remedies to that, overriding the vanilla drops mechanic.


In short?

  • The bag stores all your items at death
  • Anyone can access the bag (configurable)
  • You can see who dropped the bag in the GUI
  • A right click retrieves an item, while sneak right click opens an inventory
  • The inventory has a button to move everything in your inventory. Previously equipped armor will be re-equipped if the slots are still empty. (T)
  • A bag is destroyed completely by lava, (configurable) so be careful. Its otherwise invulnerable.
  • The bag will never expire
  • You can’t put new items in the bag no matter what, and emptying makes it disappear
  • The model and texture are pretty awful, but I’m not a good modeller/texturer
  • There is also a compass that points to the last point where you died after installing the 1.6.2 version of this mod (can be deactivated)
  • Can be crafted like a compass, with rotten flesh instead of redstone, or by combining a compass and rotten flesh
  • Shift-right click removes the last death point, and points to any other death point before that. If all death points have been cleared, it will spin at random

Download info

Two files are available:

  • The normal version is the normal mod, with no special properties or whatever.
  • The SRG version is obfuscated to allow a chance that the mod may work as it is, even if Minecraft updates beyond 1.6.2. I’m not aware of anything against using this version, but I prefer to keep up the normal version just in case.

Installation Inventory Saver Mod 1.6.4/1.6.2

  1. Follow the new installation instructions for Forge
  2. Start Minecraft once, close it and head back to the %AppData%/.minecraft folder.
  3. You’ll notice a mods folder. Download and move the InventorySaver archive file into that folder.
  4. Follow point 5
  5. Follow point 4



  • Removed the death compass
  • Added the bone guide, that shows where the death points are relative to the player
  • The bone guide graphics were hard to make, so you better like and use it
  • Re-enabled the T button to move the bag into the inventory. Will re-equip the armor.

Download Inventory Saver Mod 1.6.4/1.6.2

For 1.6.4

For 1.6.2

Author: Taigore

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