Improving Minecraft Mod for Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10


The purpose of Improving Minecraft Mod is to improve Minecraft by adding little things and fixing inconsistencies in the game. There are a lot of features sorted by categories. You can enable/disable any feature in the config file.


Farming and breeding:

  • One bonemeal is usually enough to grow a tree
  • Bonemeal works on cactus
  • Bonemeal works on sugar cane
  • Lily pads can be cloned using bonemeal
  • Axes harvest melon faster
  • Pigs breeding works with potatoes, apples, melons and bread
  • Chickens leave feathers from time to time (customizable frequency)
  • Animals found in the wild are now “Wild animals”. You can make them evolve to farm animals by breeding. Wild animals only drop 2/3 of the regular items on death. Additionally, it is impossible to milk a wild cow, saddle a wild pig or shear a wild sheep, and wild chickens don’t lay eggs. There are no wild horses for now. When two wild animals reproduce, the baby is more evolved than its parents, so you will have to use this new animal for reproduction, and so it goes. Getting farm animals from wild animals usually takes 5 generations.


Mobs and drops:

  • Mobs can have random potion effects on spawning (customizable probability)
  • Baby zombies deal less damage
  • Baby zombies burn during day
  • Animals killed by fireballs drop cooked meat
  • Mobs can drop their skull (customizable probability)
  • Players can drop their head (customizable probability)
  • Tools, swords and armors dropped by mobs are less damaged
  • Sheeps, horses and squids drop meat (if you have installed Lots of Food Mod that have the same feature, the animals should not drop both mods items, but I recommend to disable this feature in the config file, just in case)

Improving-Minecraft-Mod Improving-Minecraft-Mod Improving-Minecraft-Mod

  • Bats drop leather
  • Wolves drop leather
  • Witches drop more potions types and more often
  • Endermen always drop at least one enderpearl
  • Some of the arrows used to kill a mob are retrieved (customizable probability)
  • Creepers can drop TNT (customizable probability)
  • Spiders can drop cobweb (customizable probability)

Enchanting, Repairing, Brewing:

  • Speed enchantment on boots that gives constant speed (customizable frequency and min level)
  • Autosmelting enchantment on tools automatically smelts every harvested items (incompatible with Silk Touch, customizable frequency and min level)
  • Health bonus enchantment on chestplates, levels 1 to 3, adds as much hearts to the lifebar (customizable frequency and min level)
  • Health Draining enchantment on swords, levels 1 to 2, the attacker drains as much half-hearts from the hit target (customizable frequency and min level)
  • Combining 2 tools/weapons/armors in the crafting table preserves the enchantments if they are the exactly the same on the 2 items (Be careful, a bug makes it not work if you shift-click to get the item, just left click if you want the enchantment to be preserved)

New Items and Crafts:

  • Spawn eggs for all the mobs (Enderdragon, Wither, Wither Skeleton, Snow Golem, Iron Golem)
  • Smooth stone stairs


  • Hardened clay stairs


  • Colored flower pots, using same colors as hardened clay


  • Obsidian sword, not craftable, a bit more powerful than iron, 1250 uses, held and dropped by wither skeletons (customizable probability)


  • Craft for saddle


  • Crafts for horse armors


  • Craft for nametag


  • Reversible crafts for blocks of quartz, snow and clay (1 block -> 4 items)
  • Crafts for mossy cobble and all types of stone bricks

Improving-Minecraft-Mod Improving-Minecraft-Mod Improving-Minecraft-Mod Improving-Minecraft-Mod

  • Craft 1 wool -> 4 strings


  • Craftable cobweb blocks


  • Craft paper from wood


  • Smelt metal blocks back to ingots : iron doors, cauldrons and minecarts can get you a few iron ingots back


  • Mining TNT : doesn’t destroy items and has a wider explosion radius


  • Adamantium ore (requires an iron pickaxe) : allows to craft a new set of tools and armors, intermediate between iron and diamond (customizable generation frequency)

Improving-Minecraft-Mod Improving-Minecraft-Mod Improving-Minecraft-Mod

  • Nether brick tools (same power as stone tools) :


  • Machetes : have as much attack damage as swords, are very efficient to break leaves (take few damage from breaking leaves), quite efficient to break wood (still less than axes)


  • Hunting Knife : lower range than sword but Looting I enchantment on crafting


  • Poisoned arrows : they deal a 20 seconds poison effect to the target, they are shot in priority over regular arrows if both types of arrows are present in the inventory. They lose their poison effect when they hit a block. They can be shot by dispensers.


  • Time scepter: Only available in creative mode or using cheats, right click allows you to make a baby animal grow or to make an adult animal be able to breed again, and left click makes a wild animal evolve into a farm animal
  • Presents: Put any item inside a present by a simple craft, offer it to another player, hold right click to open a present. You can also leave your present by putting it somewhere as a block.


Miscellaneous Improvements:

  • Burning arrows set blocks on fire
  • Desert dead bushes drop 2 to 5 sticks
  • Harvesting a cactus with bare hands hurts
  • Boats never break on lilypads
  • Cauldrons have infinite water
  • Dispensers put records in jukeboxes
  • Doors, cakes, boats, minecarts and beds are stackable by 16
  • All music discs can be found in dungeons chests
  • Gold ingots and diamonds can be found in dungeons chests
  • Gold tools and weapons deal more damage (as much as diamond)
  • Mob spawners can be harvested with a Silk Touch pickaxe (mob type is saved)
  • All the mob spawners are available in creative mode
  • Arrows standing in blocks drop when the block is broken
  • Melon generates in more biomes (savanna, roofed forest and swampland)
  • Command block available in redstone creative tab
  • Double doors open and close together

Additional options (default value on false) :

  • Endermen don’t pick up blocks
  • Vines don’t spread
  • Hard recipes mode for saddles, horse armors and nametags


Mod Showcase:

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • If the “mods” folder does not exist you can create one.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into that.
  • Enjoy the mod.

Note: If you want to run this mod with Not Enough Items, you will have to disable the option “all_mobs_spawn_eggs” in the config file!

Download Links:

For 1.7.2

For 1.7.10

For 1.8

Credits: pifou92000

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