HUDini Anti Derp Suite Mod 1.6.2/1.5.2/1.4.7

A HUD mod that focuses on giving a relatively large amount of useful information, whilst attempting to utilize at little screen estate as possible, by dynamically changing the coordinates of items on-screen, depending on certain events. It also has a bunch of other helpful tools, including a text editor to take notes, jump calculations, and more!

Potion effects will also be displayed, but without taking up like half the screen on account of their massive textures.

Note that you can change the color of the Menu, via the menu :3 I’ll get onto that down below:


Note that things may be in a different order for you ? i’ll get to that in a sec.
From top to bottom (in this image’s example):

  • Minecraft Time ? can be changed to 24hr in the menu. Hold the modifier key to change it to your computer’s time.
  • Uses left of helm, or if you hold the modifier key, percentage used.
  • Uses left of chest, or if you hold the modifier key, percentage used.
  • Uses left of legs, or if you hold the modifier key, percentage used.
  • Uses left of boots, or if you hold the modifier key, percentage used.
  • Uses left of whatever item you are currently holding (if it’s damageable) If you’re holding a food item, it will change to be the amount that the food replenishes your hunger bar. If you hold shift with food in your hand, it will show the food’s saturation level. If you’re holding a damageable item, HUDini will also tell you how much damage that item will do to a mob if you hit it with it!
  • hunger warning icon. If your hunger level is less than 5 full shanks, and you have no food in your inventory, this will appear. (can be disabled in config)
  • Hold the modifier key to view the distance to the block you’re looking at.
  • Hold the modifier key and look at a block below you to see how much fall damage you’ll take if you jump to it.
  • Rapid recipe ticker-tape. Find recipes for things at the scroll of a wheel/push of a button! Note that this part of the mod is still under development, so expect things to get prettier/useful-er. If you don’t like the tickertape, there’s an alternative column-style layout that you can enable in the config. It will even tell you if you have enough items to make the recipe or not!
  • Simple Menu has been added :3 You can now change most the mod ingame, on the fly!
  • Pseudo-Minimap – If you’ve a map in your inventory, HUDini will display it top-right. You can disable this in the menu if you like. This uses (mostly) vanilla Minecraft map code. Note that it will only display what is on the map. However, this means you can have a map in your inventory and you don’t need to walk with your camera down to see where you’re going! HUDini will display whatever map appears first in your inventory, so if you want it to display a different map, place the different map more left/more up in your inventory.
  • An in-game text editor – edit text files from within minecraft. Makes it simple to make your own cross-world todo lists, and other things!
  • Command window – set commands and/or text to run when you press a key.
  • Crosshairs info – If you press the modifier key, if the block you’re looking at is less than 64 blocks away, it will say what the blocks name is. If you look down at a place you could fall, you’ll be told how much damage you’ll take (unless you’re in creative, or the angle is too shallow). You’ll also be told the pitch of the camera.
  • Todo List – HUDini can render your todolist onto the screen if you press modifier+x. It slides on. It’s snazzy.
  • (Basic) Recipe Finder – My implementation of a recipe finder. It’s not powerful, but it’s nice in the same way that no one uses wooden spoons to make cakes anymore, but those who do use wooden spoons get the benefit of licking off the cake mix and not having the taste of metal.

(Not shown here) If you hold the modifier key, HUDini will display the number of that block in your inventory.
Current Potion Effects, their time is displayed next to them by default, but holding the modifier key will show you the amplification of the potion (Roman Numerals can be toggled in the config file)
Blocks and items you dropped on death ? HUDini will keep track (for the length of the session) of all the blocks and items you drop upon death. Hold the modifier key in-game to see what you dropped.

More screenshots:


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Menu Screenshots:


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Ingame Text Editor:
Allows you to edit text ingame. All text files are put in a folder called HUDini inside .minecraft ? you don’t need to create the folder or any files yourself, hudini will do it for you. When you press the key to open the text editor (apostrophe [ ‘ ] by default), you’ll be greeted with a screen that shows a list of all the text files it can open. There’s also a text field that you can type in if you wanna create a new file. Simply click on the filename you want, and HUDini will display it on screen. 

Editing text:
Editing text is fairly simple: To move around, use the arrow keys. To move the page up and down (e.g. to see lines later or earlier in the document), its pgup and pgdown. To save press ctrl s. To exit, press escape ? but note that your text won’t be saved automatically! You’ll need to press ctrl s before you exit if you wanna keep your text.

To go to the start of the line, press Home. To go to the end, press End.
To delete text, you can press either backspace or delete. Pressing delete will delete the character after the cursor, and not move the cursor. Pressing backspace will delete the character under the cursor, and move the cursor 1 character left.
And of course pressing enter at the end of the line makes a new line below it.

The interface:

The interface is fairly minimalist: you have the line numbers on the left hand side, slightly darker then the editable text. The line numbers are not added to the document, they’re just there to help you navigate. On the bottom left, where it says ?Ready??, is the current status. It will say what its last action was, for example saving, and moving a lot of lines. On the bottom right corner, we have the cursor’s x and y coordinates, respectively.

And of course, at the top left is the file we’re editing.

Posted Image


(Texture pack is Steelfeather’s Dragon Dance!)

Text files edited by HUDini are placed in a folder called HUDini in .minecraft ? you can change the directory name via the config file that lives in the folder called config, in your .minecraft folder. HUDini will not look for text files in any other place.



The text editor can now do very basic mathematical expression evaluating. It supports addition(+) subtraction(-) multiplication(*) division(/) and modulus(%).

Let’s say you want to multiply 5 by 5. Type into a text file:


(5*5)<press tab>

And HUDini will write the answer in its place ? 25. Press tab after you’ve closed the parentheses (written the last ?)? for it) for this to be fired.

Todo List:

Posted Image


If you have a file named todo.txt, HUDini will render its contents onto the screen when you press modifier+X. It slides out. Snazzy. If you have a word/line surrounded in square braces, it will render them  as a title. You can change what character denotes a title via the config file, as can you change what the keybinding is.

Command Window:

Pressing ?c? in-game will open the commands window. From here you can assign text (and therefore commands) to keys on your keyboard.

Posted Image


Note that as with all graphical elements of HUDini, the colours are taken from the options you set in the menu.

Adding a new command:

Press the add button in the bottom right corner to open up the add command window:

Posted Image


To save the keybind, press enter while the text box is focused. If the keybind is conflicting, or something has gone horribly wrong, it will flash a message.


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For 1.6.2

For 1.6.1

For 1.5.2

For 1.5.1

For 1.4.7


  • Violet_scraton for her suggestion of adding a todolist.
  • Noxwood for the pitch suggestion


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