Honeydew the Dwart Skin


This catchphrase owner is another main protagonist from Yogscast. Created by Lewis and Simon, Yogscast is a fan made series that take place in the world of Minecraft! Have you imagine what you play in Minecraft can become series that you can enjoy? This series present you a story of two heroes named Xephos and Honeydrew in their journey in a town called Minecraftia. Their mission is to find and bring back Daisy Duke, who was kidnapped by Israphel, a ghost-like scoundrel creature. The war began after a short period of the kidnap. The whole story talks about the war between Israphel and those two heroes with their companion.

Honeydew is one of the heroin this series. He, along with his close friend Xephos, fights against Israphel to take his lover back. He, with a help of Peculier, also has his own troop. He was accidentally teleport to the Survival Island where he need fight with all creeper and find a way back.

How to install Honeydew the Dwart Skin

  1. First,download Honeydew the Dwart Skin
  2. Go to minecraft.net
  3. Click profile,and browse your Honeydew the Dwart Skin
  4. Click upload image
  5. Enjoy your Honeydew the Dwart Skin!!


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