Green Thumb Mod 1.6.2/1.5.2

The mod is intended to ?overhaul? nature in Minecraft

Added Items

Crushed mushrooms are the first set of items added to the game by Green Thumb. They are collected from crafting mushrooms in a specific way in the crafting table. They allow for the crafting of mycelium, among other things.

Chainmail is the second. It is a section of tightly woven metal rings, creating a non-permeable armor layer. They can be crafted into the previously unobtainable Chain Armor set. Iron nuggets, anothe item added, are used solely to create chainmail.

Tar is added to the game ? it is used as a substitute for slimeballs in all recipes, and can be used to ?seal? wooden planks. This makes the planks resistant to fire.

Wolf fur is added to the game. As expected, it drops from wolves. Currently, it is used to craft leather armor. It will have its own armor set in the next update, however.

Blank Disc/Sheet Music are added to make music discs craftable. Different variants of sheet music can be crafted to specify which music disc you are crafting.

Mudballs drop from mud, which generates randomly underground. Mudballs can be smelted into an Adobe Brick, which then can be crafted into different types of Adobe Bricks.

Three new dyes are added to the game. They are Tan Dye, Pale Dye, and Chamoisee Dye. They are all tan-ish in color, and cannot be used to dye sheep. They can only be used to craft dyed wool. Useful for pixel art.

Poisoned swords are added to the game. They deal the normal amount of damage, but also give the victim poison for a few seconds. The iron dagger is also added to the game, a weaker variant of the iron sword. It deals nearly as much damage as the iron sword, but lasts significantly shorter than it.

The Ancient Toxin is also added to the game. It is used to poison swords, and it can be obtained through the Atrum Viridis, a lethal flower.

A few new foods are added, too ? Raw Squid, for one, drops from squid, and can be eaten to restore two chicken legs (four hunger points). When cooked, you receive Calamari, which heals four chicken legs (eight hunger points). Same thing with sheep; they drop raw sheep rinds, which restore four hunger points, eight when eaten. The green apple is added as a counterpart to the red apple. It has the same traits as the apple. As a byproduct of said apples, apple pie is added to the game! It heals three chicken legs, or six hunger points. Cheese is also added ? it heals one and a half chicken legs.

Also, as a plus for the game, I’ve added Cheesecake! It’s a cake, with substituted ingredients as to bake a cheesecake. The texture has been changed, but the effects have not been modified. It still has six slices, each of which heal one chicken leg.

I’ve also added a new type of bucket, the wooden bucket! It provides a much easier way to transport liquid. However, it cannot be used to obtain lava (for obvious reasons) or milk. This is to not overpower the wooden bucket, and to let it only provide you with means of transport for water.


The first block this game adds is Packed Dirt, which, as the name states, is hardened dirt. It generates underground in large veins, and drops 1-4 dirt blocks. Packed dirt can be used to make Packed Dirt Fences and Packed Dirt Slabs. The name used to be ?Hardened Dirt?, but it was changed due to a conflict with Biomes O’ Plenty.

The Ender Block is another block added to the game. It is a very annoying, yet powerful, block ? it teleports around like the Dragon Egg does. It is partially translucent, meaning you can see through it. It creates a lens, when you look through it, that allows you to see underground caves and dungeons.

Elder blocks are added to the game by Green Thumb, too. They come from the Elder Tree, a new tree added to world generation. The Elder Log is the log from the Elder Tree, and Elder Leaves are the leaves from the Elder Tree. The leaves drop green apples, along with the Elder Sapling. Elder Planks can be crafted from the Elder Log. Elder Planks can be crafted into Elder Planks Slabs.

Adobe Bricks are added to the game. They consist of regular Adobe Bricks, Mossy Adobe Bricks, Chiseled Adobe Bricks, and Cracked Adobe Bricks. These are all obtainable through recipes in the game. These blocks are mostly are aesthetic purposes. The normal adobe bricks can be crafted into slabs, stairs, and walls.

The Tar Block is added to the game. It is simply a compact version of tar. When you walk through it, you’ll be subject to walking very slowly, and will even sink into it, so it’s best to avoid it entirely.

Another block added to the game is the mud block. It spawns underground in moderately sized veins, and drops 1-4 mudballs. Mud will mildly slow you down when you walk through it, too.

Three new wools are added to the game ? Chamoisee Wool, Tan Wool, and Pale Wool. They are crafted from regular wool and one of the three dyes I’ve added to the game. Aesthetic, mostly.

Ornate and Hieroglyphic Sandstone are two new decorative blocks added to the game. They can be crafted, and don’t really do much besides look pretty. They can be crafted into slabs and stairs.

Sealed planks are added to the game. They are fire-resistant versions of planks already in the game. Oak, Birch, Jungle, Spruce, and Elder planks are currently available. They can be crafted into Sealed Fences, Slabs, and Stairs.

Obsidian walls and slabs are added to the game, simply because I think obsidian needs more uses. There will be more to come on this topic.

The glowstone torch is added to the game, too. It glows brighter than a normal torch, and is crafted from glowstone and a stick. It provides a good, strong light.


Green Thumb currently adds a few new machines into the game. They all do not require redstone to be activated, as they are self-sufficient and have relatively small purpose.

The Redstone Seeder is added. It spreads grass to surrounding blocks. It is more efficient than a grass block because when harvested, the machine still holds the ability to spread grass wherever you’d like.

The Redstone Corruptor is added; it does pretty much the same thing as the Seeder, but spreads mycelium, instead.

The Redstone Ager is added to the game. It spreads moss over surrounding blocks of the following types: Cobblestone, Stone Bricks, and Adobe Bricks.


Several new flowers are added to the game via Green Thumb.

The Cyan Flower is added to the game. It spawns in all biomes, and can be crafted into cyan dye. It comes from Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

The Glowflower is also added to the game. It spawns in all biomes, and spreads a decent amount of light. Quite helpful at night. Drops 1-2 glowstone.

The Pink Carnation is also added to the game. It spawns in all biomes, and can be crafted into pink dye.

The Daisy is added to the game. It spawns in all biomes, and can be crafted into light grey dye (because bonemeal doubles as fertilizer.)

The Violet is added to the game, too. It spawns in all biomes, and can be crafted into purple dye.

The Fen Blossom is also added. It spawns in swamps, and drops a slimeball or two.

The Arcus Pluvius, or Rainbowflower, spawns rarely in the Extreme Hills biome. It drops itself, and can be crafted into a number of dyes, depending on which slot you place it in the crafting grid.

The Sunflower is added to the game. It can be crafted into orange dye.

The Atrum Viridis, or Dark Bloom, is added to the game. It radiates evil, and when touched, grants the lucky victim the wither effect for a couple seconds. When destroyed, it will sometimes drop nothing, and sometimes drop itself. It thrives underground, and spreads obsidian if it is planted around stone. It can be smelted into the Ancient Toxin, which is used to poison swords.

Slightly Yellowing Tall Grass and Yellowing Tall Grass are added to the game. They only grow on sand, and are not obtainable in survival mode. They drop nothing, and live only in deserts.

Shrubs spawn in deserts occasionally, proving that there is at least some life in the barren wasteland.

Underground and Overworld Generation (Trees, too!)

Mud and Hardened Dirt spawn underground, making mining less dull for the player. Cobblestone also spawns underground, simply because it looks pretty cool when you find a cave and see some diversity of blocks. Also, clay has started to spread underground, making the bland stone now teeming with other blocks!

Underneath taiga and snowy biomes, ice and snow now generate, giving a more realistic effect to mining in cold environments.

Dungeons have a new counterpart ? Adobe Dungeons! They’re currently exactly like regular dungeons, except they are made of Adobe Bricks. I’ll find a way to make them cool, I promise.

Adobe Wells now spawn in the Overworld, in Plains and Extreme Hills biomes. They’re just like regular wells, but adobe.

I’ve also added a couple new mobs to the dungeon spawner list ? Creepers and Silverfish! They can now find their way into dungeons, making them much scarier than regular dungeons. They are both quite common, too, so watch out.

Melons now spawn rarely in the swamp biome, too.

The Elder Tree, a large, branched, easy-to-see tree spawns uncommonly in the Plains and Extreme Hills biomes. A picture of it is probably up somewhere in the post, but if not, it can be seen in the Developer’s Screenshot Gallery. A link is provided at the top of the post. It drops Green Apples, a partner for red apples.


You know how Nether Wart is impossible to find? It now generates with Soul Sand, so if you find a patch of Soul Sand, there’s a good chance there’ll be some Nether Wart with it.

Need some more motivation to go to the Nether? New Nether Dungeons spawn! They are made of Nether Bricks, and spawn Zombie Pigmen.


For 1.6.2

For 1.5.2

Credits: Enosphorous

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