GnomGnom’s Utils Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

GnomGnom’s Utils Mod

GnomGnom’s Utils Mod is a mod that attempts to add useful things to the game. Useful things helps you more in Minecraft because you will be surprised by almost interesting features.


A block sorts the contents of Adjasent Chests. It acts like inventory tweaks except that you don’t need to be there, and it responds to redstone signal. This is useful if you have pipes pulling and pushing from the one chest, making multiple stacks of the same item, but each stack isn’t quite full, taking up space. This block aims to fix that.

Damara’s Remedy
A block that is similar to Farmland except that it supports all plants like crops, suger cane and cactus. It also has the added benefit of increacing the growthspeed of the crop by the amount of Damara’s Remedy blocks you have stacked ontop of each other. The amount you can stack that has effect on the growth of the plants is editable in the configs, as well as how high you want cactus and suger cane to grow ( Do you want it to grow its default of 3, or up to world height for fun?, or don’t want to place them that high)

Creeper Mite
It is not quite a utility, but I can argue that its useful for server owners to make the game harder. It is a silverfish/creeper type mob that has a random chance to spawn from long grass. If you attack them or over time as they chace you, they will spawn new Creeper Mites from the long grass around them. It is best to deal with them quickly. They also happen to like living in creepers. So when killing creepers watch out too.

Prosperous Auto-Smelt Enchantment
Enchantment? Yes, this enchantment is fortune and is built into autosmelting. It can also smelt your logs into charcoal for you!


Just start adding achievements which one of the more notable ones is a reference to my first video of the creepermites if you can get them to blow you up as high as 500 blocks (i did just shy of 600), then you earn an achievement.

We have a few more ambisious ideas like bringing back the Crafting Table Mk 2/3 and the Fabricator from XYCraft (of cource, our own spin on the idea). But I would like to see some comments as to what useful things you would like to see in Minecraft. It doesn’t have to be blocks, a chat logger or anything really. If it adds something that you want to add to the game, you have to make it balanced.

Download GnomGnom’s Utils Mod

For 1.7.10

Author: Gnomorian

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