Glade of Dreams Dimension Mod 1.2.4

Glade of Dreams dimension Mod 1.2.4

Glade of Dreams Dimension Mod adds a whole new (actually 3 new) dimension(s) to the game. Called: the Glade of Dreams, which is the dimension of Rayman. (if u dont know where i’m talking about, google Rayman and u will know.)
1st: the dimension of Rayman 2, this one has 5 dungeons

  • the sanctuary of water and ice (u must slide much here) guardian: Axel, an ice demon
  • the cave of bad dreams (loads of jumping puzzels) guardian: Jano, an giant eye with a hat and 2 bone arms
  • the sanctuary of stone and fire (maze) guardian: Umber, an stone statue, wich actually lives
  • the sanctuary of rock and lava (loads of flying puzzels) guardian: Foutch, fire demon, looks like a brother of Axel
  • the crow’s nest (actually the boss battle) boss: the Grolgoth, a master-destruction robot, wich is piloted by the pirate-captain Razorbeard.

2nd: the dimension of Rayman 3.

3nd: the dimension of Rayman Raving Rabbids, started on it. the portal stone to here is actually activated, but wont work.


Install Glade of Dreams dimension Mod 1.2.4

download: Modloader 1.2.4, ModloaderMP 1.2.4, GUI API 1.2.4 and Player API 1.2.4. Install these loaders/API’s and after that, download Glade Of Dreams mod, and simpely drop it into your .minecraft mods folder. Have fun killing Pirates/Rayman/Hoodlums!
when done, it will work with the Aether mod, and also with the 1.1 version of mincraft.
the crafting recipe for the portal so far is this: (where W= white stone dust, and L is lava)
then u get a magic door item. u must then create a 3 by 3 flat square of obsidian, than place the magic door in the middle. the portal is than created.
the dungeons are spread over the dimension, but they will spawn here:
Axel’s dungeon: in a biome with loads of water and ice (lol, his sanctuary is called the same xD)
Jano’s dungeon: in a cave in the Marshes of awakening
Umber’s dungeon: near lava rivers in a temple
Foutch’s dungeon: inside mountains with loads of fire, lava and lavafalls
the Boss battle: in the Prison ship of the pirate’s, wich is floating over the Iron Mountains

Rayman 3 dungeon list so far:

  • Hoodlum base
  • Teensie castle (this is actually not a ?hostile’ dungeon, but its like a timed maze, with a nice suprise on the end of it!)
  • that house of that squidward like hunter
  • Knaaren cave
  • Tower of Leptys

Download Glade of Dreams dimension Mod 1.2.4

For 1.2.4

Author: Delta67


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