Gemulation Mod for Minecraft 1.9/1.8.9

Gemulation Mod 2

Gemulation Mod is an add-on/extension of Silent’s Gems by SilentChaos512 and you will need that to play with this mod. Additionally, this also uses LIT (Little Insignificant Things) as a library.

I make sure you have that installed as well. Why don’t you have a try?


Gemulation Mod 3

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Gemulation Mod 1

Gem Furnaces

Currently, the mod adds a furnace for each of the 32 basic gems. The theme of each gem has its own properties and each furnace is slightly different. Furnaces also can store excess fuel so that you don’t have to keep filling it up as often. This also means the furnace will only take as much fuel as it needs in order to smelt an item – no more wasting a piece of charcoal to smelt one item!

The properties of the gem furnaces explained:

  • Time Reduction Multiplier – The time needed to smelt any item is reduced by this factor, meaning a factor of 0.5 will halve the smelt time. (Some furnaces run a bit slower than the vanilla ones – other properties will help with the balance)
  • Fuel Bonus Multiplier – The higher this number, the more burn time you get for fuel you put in!
  • Upgrade Slots – This directly translates into how many upgrades you can put into the furnace to boost its stats even more!
  • Fuel Capacity – How much excess fuel you can store in the furnace. The value here is the number of stacks of coal it can hold. Granted, you can put any fuel source in there, but I figured you’d want a simple number to look at.

Furnace Upgrade System (actually a part of LIT)

Each furnace has a different number of upgrades that can be applied to it. You can look up the recipes in JEI; install an upgrade by sneak-right clicking on a furnace that has room for an upgrade. (The chat will tell you whether it has room if you attempt.) There are currently three upgrades, one each for cook speed, fuel efficiency, and fuel capacity. The properties of these upgrades may change in the future.

Note that upgrades will not affect anything that is currently being smelted upon the time of upgrade, but will go into effect on the next item.

Gem Chests

  • Gem Chests (standard tier)
    • Each of the 32 basic gems now has an associated chest (crafted with a vanilla chest surrounded by eight of the same type of gem)
    • These chests have 54 slots of storage space. Neat!
  • Gem Chests (supercharged tier)
    • Craft any Gem Chest with two of any single supercharged gem and you end up getting a chest with double the capacity!

Gem Transmutation Device

Are you tired of having loads of rubies or sapphires laying around but very few of any other type of gem? Now you have no fear because the power of chaos is here.

Using the Gem Changer (powered by nearby passive/burner chaos pylons/chaos nodes – see Silent’s Gems for reference), you can change any type of gem into any other type. There’s a catch, though the process is completely random. (You’re using Chaos as fuel…what do you expect?). Upon placing gems into the left-hand side of the gui, the Changer will grab them, one at a time, and use 2000 Chaos Energy and 5 second to transform it into another gem (it won’t change it into the same type nor will it convert overworld [light] gems to nether [dark] gems) and move it to the right-hand output slots!

If a target gem is placed in the target slot (you know, the one with a very poorly drawn target), then the Changer won’t move the gem from the working area until it is the same type as the target. Since the conversion process is random, this might take a bit of time. Fortunately, the Changer is a little intelligent and keeps track of how many attempts have been made at transmutation. This means you’re guaranteed to get the target gem in [at most] 42 attempts! (Grab your towel!) (An upgraded version of this block may eventually rear its ugly head, but until then you’ll have to deal with randomness.)

Shinies Bags

  • Bags are crafted from a Glow Rose and wool/fluffy puffs (and a piece of netherrack if you want the dark variety)
  • Each bag is capable of holding up to a stack of each type of gem (both light and dark variety)
  • As long as the bag is not in your main hand when you would normally pick up a gem, the gem will be placed inside the bag (if it has room)
  • You can view the contents of the bag at any time by right-clicking with it in your main hand.
  • If you sneak-use the bag while looking at a chest (or any intelligently created inventory, theoretically), the bag will attempt to transfer any/all gems from the bag into the chest.
  • If you sneak-use the bag without looking at a chest, the bag will attempt to fill itself with any gems in your inventory. (This is useful if you were accidentally holding the bag when you picked up some gems.)
  • Bags can be re-colored by crafting them with another glow rose (and a piece of netherrack for the dark varieties), but they will not retain their inventory upon doing this, so be careful!

How to install:

  • Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  • Download the mod.
  • Click on the Start Menu in Windows.
  • Type run into the search box, and select the Run program at the top of the results.
  • Type %appdata% into the Run program, and press Enter.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into that.
  • Enjoy the mod.

Download Links:

For 1.9

For 1.8.9

Credits: M4thG33k


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