Gazza Island Minecraft Minigame 1.7.4

Gazza Island Minecraft Minigame 1.7.4

The Game

Gazza Island is a custom roleplay Minecraft game-mode, In which a maximum of 5 players can play, one of them allocated as the pirate, and the other 4 as survivors. The aim of the game is for the survivors to collect 3 iron ingots hidden around the maps and reach the getaway vehicle, All while the pirate is trying stop them from reaching the goal.


They set sail on a red morning, bound for lands afar. They knew not where they were going, but their spirit for adventure burnt bright. And thus they went onward sailing under the red sky.

Days into the journey, the calm of the sea had ceased, and in its place a bitter tempest. For days on end, the sea was a terrible flurry of grey and white.

The masts creaked, the hull groaned, the sea roared, and the thunder struck blinding bolts across the dark grey sky. The sodden travellers endured nights and days being hurled around on the sea.

In the deepest depths of their darkest hour, a traveller saw a beacons’ light along the horizon. The travellers then set sail, in search of the salvation of light.

The beacon possessed a malevolent light, it pulsated as if it was alive, letting loose great plumes of smoke, blacker than the clouds. This was no saving beacon, it was the crevice of a volcano.

The panicked travellers made way to turn about, and retreat from certain doom, but ran aground against great rocks hidden by the darkness. Hitting the rock, all went a murky blue.

They awoke to a pink evening sky, on the beaches of some unknown land. Beyond the gently lapping waves was their ship, now damaged beyond repair upon the rocks that lay before them.

The pink sky soon turned in to darkness to accompany the stars. The travellers had found paradise on this unknown land, or so they thought.

The weary travellers awoke to a heard of eyes upon them. Men with evil looks in their eyes, men with swords drawn, and man leaned forward, red, a feathered hat on his head.

And behind him the sight of a white-crossed black-tattered flag. The traveller’s worst nightmares had been realized; this was no lost paradise; this was the land of the Gazza Pirates.

And so they were tied up and made to work for the pirates, under threat of death should they not comply. But as days went by, they had finally formulated a plan to escape this damned island.

The weary travellers must find three iron ingots to power their escape vehicle, and ride to freedom. But should they get caught, they may end up in a cold, watery grave.

Welcome to Gazza Island

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For 1.7.4

Author: Sunfury

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