Fun Craft Mod Pack 1.7.2

Fun Craft Mod Pack 1.7.2

Have you ever got tired of having to mine 2 glowstone blocks just to make 1 and then have an uneven amount left over? well with More glowstone you only have to mine one to get one. Yes with More glow stone instead of only getting 3 drops from glow stone you now get 4. so you pay your self back for mining the glow stone with the ability to make 1 glowstone block from 1 glowstone block.

This is for all of you who enchant stuff a lot, but never have enough xp. Well now with this mod you can get double the xp from some mobs. these mobs in clued: blazes now drop 20 zombies now drop 10 skeletons now drop 10 spiders(normal and cave) now drop 10 and now if you have an iron golom farm you can now also get some xp from it because iron goloms will now drop 5 xp.

Now this mod is for all of you who wish you could fly in survival mode but can’t. Now you can with Survival Fly. just jump up and fly in to the sun set.(NOTE: you will need to change allow-flight in the to true. If you don’t the sever will kick you.)

This next mod is for you who don’t like having to always having to type /toggledownfall, /gamemode, or /gamerule. Well now you don’t have to keep typing all that out because with Command shortcuts you game now type this instead. for /toggledownfall it is now /td. for /gamerule it is now /gr and for /gamemode it is now /gm

This mod is good because if you crash your boat it will now drop 5 planks instead of 3 planks and 2 sticks so you can just place your crafting table, make a new boat, and take off.

Download Fun Craft Mod Pack 1.7.2

For 1.7.2

For 1.6.4

Author: tminor1


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