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The only one witch in Yogscast series, Fumblemore is an over one hundred-year-old man mastering in the magic of explosion. He lives in his own floating tower above the Mistral City. In his early life, he took action in Sand War with Granny Bacon, Verigan Antioch and Templar Adaephon. He is usually seen with a long white hair (he once had a black hair but it turns white because of his exploration) wearing a long starry wizard robe. Because of the early magical explosion, he has problem in remembering and hearing the conversation. His name was not yet confirmed where it came from; whether from Dumbledore?s name or just because he is so clumsy and fumbles.

He took part of the Yogscast series as the magical wizard. He gave Old Peculier a poison in order to cure him. He said that he has ability to teleport himself and his friends, but that is still no proving that he really can do.

It is fun to have him in your world. He is a real magician that can create you a lot of wonderful stuffs.

How to install Fumblemore Skin

  1. Download Fumblemore Skin
  2. Go to minecraft.net
  3. Click profile,and browse your Fumblemore Skin
  4. Click upload image
  5. Enjoy your Fumblemore Skin


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