Forge Essentials Mod 1.7.10/1.6.4

Forge Essentials Mod adds Bukkit like functionality to a pure forge base. Many features will be provided for Forge-based servers that would have been easy to find for Bukkit such as permissions, extra commands, player logging, and in-game world editing. Many features we plan on adding still don’t exist yet, but we have quite an extensive list.

For Minecraft servers (and with added goodies for clients) running Minecraft Forge and other mods.


ForgeEssentials 1.2.0 has arrived. With it a few new modules have been added. among them are the AfterlifeModule, the AuthModule, the TicketModule. Added to the Chat module was the mail function. We were not able to include everything we wanted into this release because 1.5 came in the way. However you can all be assured, that the 1.3 will have WorldEdit stuff.

ForgeEssentials is released under the AGPL licence.that means?

  • Any server running ForgeEssentials must provide a link to the source of what they are using. This could be our github page. If the server is using a custom version of ForgeEssentials, the server Admin must make the code of said version available (just a patch to our src will do).
  • You are free to download the ForgeEssentials source.
  • You are free to make derivative copies of said source.
  • you are free to distribute such derivatives publicly and at your discretion as long as it is also released under the GPL or a compatible license.
  • This means that modpacks are completely allowed. We simply ask that you notify us, if/when you do release a modpack with ForgeEssentials so we know what to expect bug-wise, but if you don’t want to/don’t find a need to, then it’s fine.
  • PluginMetrics integration is included in ForgeEssentials. Do note that NO PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION is sent to the server.

Install Forge Essentials Mod

ForgeEssentials ServerComplete edition (works on clients too)

  1. If you haven’t already, download and install forge
  2. Extract the zip to your .minecraft folder or the folder where your minecraft_server.jar is.
  3. Delete any modules that you don’t want from the ./mods folder
  4. You may want to delete the ./ForgeEssentials folder. (on client: ./ForgeEssentials-client)
  5. Run the server, and mess with the configs in the generated ./ForgeEssentials folder.

ForgeEssentials Optional Client

  1. If you haven’t already, download and install forge
  2. Drop the downloaded jar in the mods folder.

ForgeEssentials API (for modders)

  1. Setup MCP for forge. if you don’t know how to do this, you are unworthy of using this API.
  2. Extract the zip to the src folder.
  3. Documentation can be found at out wiki.

Download Forge Essentials Mod

For  1.7.10






For 1.6.4




Author: luacs1998, AbrarSyed, dries007, Malkierian

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