Fluxed Trinkets Mod 1.7.10


Fluxed Trinkets Mod is a very interesting mod deasinged to add RF powered Baubles, which uses the Baubles API from Azanor.

It is simple to craft the Trinkets: you just need to Solder Circuits, which requires a  Soldering Station

Once you have a Soldering Station you can Solder Circuits. to do so you need an Empty Circuit, you can find the recipe for it in-game, you will also need the following items, Soldering Iron, Lead Wire and 7 Copper Nuggets. Once you have acquired those items then you can start Soldering Circuits. Firstly arrange the items mentioned above in this format

The slots on the top left are for the modifiers, modifiers are what defines what type of Circuit you are going to make.

The modifiers needed to Solder a certain kind of Circuit can be found in the Electricians Manual.

Once you have made the Circuits that you want then you can add it to a Trinket.

The recipe for the Trinkets can be found in the Electricians Manual.
To add the Circuits to a Trinket you need a Trinket Assembler.

Once you have made the Trinket Assembler, you can start adding the Circuits to the Trinkets.

The outer 4 slots are for circuits and the middle slot is for a Trinket.

Once you have gotten the Circuits and the Trinket you want to add them to, simply click the ??? button and it will Assemble the Trinket.

There are many combinations of Effects, but ill leave you to find out what they are!

Download Fluxed Trinkets Mod 1.7.10

For 1.7.10


Author: jaredlll08

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