Flax Mod 1.7.2


Flax Mod 1.7.2

This mod adds a flax crop and its seeds. 
Flax seeds Posted Image are obtained via smashing tall grass, in a similar manner to wheat. These seeds are planted, and will initially grow in a similar manner to wheat or carrots. Once the crop reaches full maturity, it can be destroyed to yield string. It will not yield anything else unless it enters its second stage ? once the crop has reached full maturity, it will create a second crop above it after a random delay, in a similar manner to sugarcane, which will yield flax seeds on being smashed, and if left to reach maturity, it will also drop string, thus yielding to double the string produced. 

The fully mature crop is two blocks tall. 

This means you can harvest the crop at the first stage to get string, or, harvest the whole crop at the second stage to get string and flax seeds, or, harvest the top of the crop at the second stage to get flax seeds and less string (but the top will grow back). 

Installation instructions

  1. Install the version of forge that is relevant to the version you’re using. (There is an installer ? it’s not easy to mess up as long as don’t do anything abnormal with it, and there are instructions on the forge website).
  2. Verify that forge is working by launching minecraft. There should be a mods button on the title screen.
  3. Close minecraft.
  4. Navigate to your mods directory (it’s somewhere in the minecraft directory).
  5. Drag the Flax Mod jar file into the mods directory.
  6. The mod should work.

Crashes and bugs


Ensure that the crash is casued by the flax mod ? if you don’t know how, try a clean install with nothing but forge and fax installed. Then, provide a crash log, either via [code] and

tags, or via pastebin. (Seriously, use pastebin).


Ensure it’s caused by the flax mod – if you don’t know how, clean install with nothing but forge and flax. Provide steps to reproduce, and ensure you are running the latest version of flax, as the issue may have already been resolved. 

Download Flax Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2


Author: Talons7331

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