Extreme Blocks Mod 1.7.10/1.7.2


Extreme Blocks Mod


  • Amazing new Blocks,Tools,Items, Mobs and Ores!
  • Very, VERY, VERY, VERY useful in Survival for the new tools and also creative for the new designs of the blocks!
  • Adds Ores to generate in the Nether!
  • Adds ores that are better that DIAMOND, stronger that GOLD, and easier to find than IRON!
  • This mod is great for any kind of player; Hardcore, Peaceful, Creative or Survival!
  • Adds the Command Block into the Mod’s Creative Tab!
  • Also adds a lot of new swords/weapons!

How to Install Extreme Blocks Mod

  1. Download Forge
  2. Make Sure you have the correct version of Minecraft!
  3. Open the Minecraft file to the point you can see Forge’s ?mods? folder
  4. Without unzipping, or extracting, put the whole ?.jar? file into the mods folder
  5. Load up Minecraft and Enjoy!
  6. You can try this Mod with other mods but make sure they are compatible.If you find any mods that are compatible to this mod, feel free to comment it below!

Download Extreme Blocks Mod

For 1.7.10


For 1.7.2


Author: Fir3will

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