Extraordinary Weapons Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2


Extraordinary Weapons Mod is for those who likes to destroy. This mod provides you with a lot of 3D awesome weapons. Moreover, this mod greatly simplifies the production of wood. Now, you can create a chainsaw which can break about 1,000 wood blocks with great speed.

Crafting details and screenshots listed below:

Future Update pre V7  (01.10.2016)

At first was increased the damage radius of the flamethrower (4 blocks) and Net gun (8 blocks).

Added Plasma Gun

If bullet hits block then there will appear Plasma Sphere. If something or someone collides with it then it will explode

Changed Ender Gun model.

Added Bunker’s destroyer.

Very dangerouse weapon and ammo for it is very expensive! When it collides the ground, it forms a vertical funnel by powerful explosion. Use wisely!

Added Titan-Shotgun.

Added Nail Gun

Added Electro-Pistol

   If you right click it on block you will create Lightning ball.  You can destroy lightning ball only by explosion.  If you or mob colide it you (or mob) will get damage.

Update V6D

Watch video to see new weapons.

Other guns

Some examples:

Added Rocket Launcher – X17 (Never use at close range! High blast radius!)  

Added Land mine




Minecraft Forge

Extraordinary Weapons Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
Chopper V6D_A2 (3) Release 1.10.2 Sep 18, 2016
Chopper V6C Release 1.10.2 Sep 14, 2016
Chopper V5 E Release 1.10.2 Sep 3, 2016
Chopper V5c (Was cut wood beam) Release 1.10.2 Aug 28, 2016

Author: Kostik654

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