Energy Matters Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10


Energy Matters Mod is all about converting Matter to Energy and Energy back to Matter. Do you have ways which have got too much dirt?

No problem! You should just use it to generate energy. You have 100 MRF, but no idea what to do with them. How about generating a few diamonds with them? Then this mod is perfect for you.

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Energy Matters Mod allows you to generate energy from unused items. It also allows you to replicate items with energy only. Of course, the conversion from matter to energy gives you less energy than you need to create new matter. Everything else would be way to OP.

By the way: Some items in this mod might seem a bit Over-Powered. But mostly they are not. The matter replicator for example, seems way to be overpowered. It crafts one of them, and you need 7 compressed dark matter, which is around one stack of super rare dark matter. And you need four of them to get started.


Matter Replicator:

  • Replicates Items: To Build a Matter Replicator, surround a Hardened Clear Glass with 4 Matter Replicator Blocks.
  • To set the Replicating Item, right click the Glass Block with the wished Item. If there is not enought Energy avaible, the Block is Displayed but does nothing.
  • Place a Chest or other item container behind the Glass block to Collect the Items.
  • The Multiblock can be Build Vertical and Horiozontal.

Wireless Energy Cable:

Transfers Energy is from the Transmitter to the receiver. Transmitters can have a unlimited amount of linked Receivers, and Receivers can be linked to multiple Transmitters. Link them with a Linker

Electric Spawner:

This mod spawns Mobs in a range of 4 Blocks. Mobs always spawn on the next solid Block. You can set the spawning Mob by right clicking with a Capture Ball.

Wireless Energy Transmitter:

Transfers Energy to sourrounding Blocks and Players. The range is upgradeable with Range Upgrades

Block Breaker:
Breaks the Block in front of it and Outputs the Item to a Chest located behind it.

Solar Generator:
Generates Energy if the Sky is not blocked.

Peltier Generator:
Generates Energy from Temperature Differences. (See image)

Generates Energy when surrounded with water source Blocks. The Generation rate depends on the number of water Blocks surrounding the Machine.

Dark Matter Harvester:

Place this machine some blocks away from a Black Hole. Place a Chest behind the machine to collect Dark Matter.


Pocket Generators:
Generate Energy from Cobblestone and Dirt located in the Player’s Inventory. Has to be activated with Shift- Right click.

Field Glasses:
also known as Binoculars.

Monecular Dismantler:
By disassembling and reassembling the Atoms of all Surrounding Blocks, this Tool is capable of breaking many Blocks at once.
Has Different modes:

  • 2D Mining: mines only one layer of Blocks.
  • 3D Mining: mines a Square of 10x10x10 Blocks.

Electric Teleporter:
Disassembles the Atoms of the selected Mob and reassembles them at another destination.
Can Teleport Mobs and Players.

Stabilized Matter Compensation Unit:
Attracts nearby Items.

Capture Ball:
It stores Mobs and catches a Mob.

Left click it. To release it, right click on a Block.

Monecular Armor:

Dark Matter Armor:

Getting Started with Matter Replication:

So do you want to replicate a Item? Well, the machine itself is pretty easy, and you just need to surround a hardened clear glass with four matter replicators, and boom, matter replication.

But if you play in survival mode, you’ll encounter a small problem: Compressed Dark Matter.

You might ask yourself what it is and how you get it. Since the first is kind of hard to explain, I’ll go on with how you get it. Step one of getting Compressed Dark Matter is finding and Black Hole. They spawn randomly in the world, although they are really rare. Just search between height 20 and 110, and you will find one.

In case you found one, you should stay far enough away from it; otherwise, it will suck you in. By the way, you should have some TNT around 12-16 stacks of some worthless item with you. Now, you have to feed the Black Hole by throwing the stacks into it. While you feed it, it will grow bigger and bigger. It will also suck in nearby Blocks and Entitys. When the Black Hole is big enough, it will explode. Be sure to be far enough away when that happens, the explosion is pretty big.

After the explosion, you have to go as fast as possible into the crater to search for Compressed Matter, because those blocks decay after some times. Now you have to blow them up using TNT. With a bit of luck, the blown up Compressed Matter Blocks will drop some Dark Matter (Dark Matter doesn’t drop every time you blow up Compressed Matter).

Now, as the last step, you grab 9 Dark Matter, throw them on the ground, and blow them up with TNT. (You can also blow up 18, 27, 36, … Dark Matter) And that is all. You now have Compressed Dark Matter.

Although you could use the Compressed Dark Matter to build a Matter Replicator directly, I recommend to use it to craft a Dark Matter Harvester or a Advanced Dark Matter Harvester. That will make the search for Dark Matter easier.


Minecraft Forge

Energy Matters Mod Download Links:

File Name Status Game Version Date
energymatters-1.7.10-0.5b.jar Beta 1.7.10 Oct 18, 2016

Author: shadow_578

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