Endless Dungeons Mod 1.7.2


Adds a new Endless Dungeons Dimension, filled with rewards, and lots of death.

To begin with this mod, you must first find an Remaining Dungeon Piece. When mined, it will drop 1 Shattered Dungeon Gem (and for every extra fortune level, one more gem). You can find this gem anywhere in your world at Y  = 123, that means it will spawn in the sky. Using  book, a enderpearl and the gem, you can craft a Tome of The Dungeons, that will teleport you to The Dungeons, but it will only do it once.

When you enter The Dungeons, you may be blown up by a creeper the moment you spawn.

In The Dungeons, the walls, gates, lamps or spawners can not be broken. Spawner Rooms are the most common, Empty rooms are a bit less, but still really common. And reward rooms aren’t too rare, but require aDungeon Key to unlock. The boss room is the rarest, and you should be ready before fighting one, also you’ll never know if it’s a boss, or a reward behind that locked door. Also doors and key have colors, so you’ll need the correct color to open the door, they can be dyed.

The first thing you should do in the Dungeons is collect a Dungeon Gem by using a chisel on a non-mossy, non-cracked section of the wall. Using this, while crafting a Tome of The Dungeons, it will be reuseable.

If you use a chisel on a Mossy Dungeon Brick, you can remove the moss, and turn it back into standard Dungeon Brick, if you happened to be extremely unlucky, and can’t find one.

The chisel can also remove moss from any other vanilla block and even turn stone brick into chiseled stone brick.

So now you may be wondering, how do I get back? Well it’s simple, you could use an item from another mod (Linking book from mystcraft), or using the Tome of Returning, just like the Tome of The Dungeons, there is a single-use and a reusable version. It’s crafted with a book, a enderpearl, and grass block. You can make a grass block by crafting a seed, and a dirt block together. If you add an extra diamond while crafting the Tome of Returning it will become reusable.

When you kill a Dungeon Guard, there is a 1 in 20 chance that it will drop a Dungeon Key, and a 1 in 10 chance of a Dungeon Alloy Ingot.

Using the Dungeon Alloy Ingots, and Dungeon Wood Sticks, which can be made using Dungeon Wood (found on the roofs of The Dungeons), you can make Dungeon Alloy Tools. These tools have 15000 uses, can mine 1.5x faster than diamond, and is equally as enchantable as gold. The sword deals 8.5 hearts of damage.

By crafting a Magic Jar, and right clicking while holding it in The Dungeons, you can fill it with raw magic. Using a bunch of recipes, you can craft yourself a Arcane Wand. If you right click a stone block with a Arcane Wand, it will consume one Magic Jar Full (Strong), and give you a Spawn Deadly Stone. This mob has ½ a heart (1 hit kill), but dead 4 hearts of damage, it could be used to troll.

If you find an infusion room, you can light the four netherrack, and right click the center block with a Dungeon Alloy Ingot, this will consume one Magic Jar Full (Strong), and give a Charged Dungeon Alloy Ingot, this ingot can be used to make a powerful sword. This sword has 50,000 uses, and deals 20 hearts (1 hit kill a zombie, skeleton, spider, creeper)

If any of the recipes aren’t specific enough, you can always use Not Enough Items (by chicken_bones) or any other mod that lists recipes




  1. Download forge installer
  2. Open minecraft, then close it.
  3. Goto your minecraft folder, and drop the mod file into the ?mods? folder.
  4. Launch minecraft then enjoy

Download Endless Dungeons Mod 1.7.2

For 1.7.2


Author: guhenry3

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