Elements of Alchemy Mod 1.6.4


Elements of Alchemy Mod 1.6.4

Elements of Alchemy Mod that lets you destroy items with the destruction stone to create raw essence, then realign the essence into elements with elemental stones and use it to multiply different items. Has similarities to the mimicry mod and the minium stone from EE.

There is a BBCode readme file and some images included in the zip file. This is in preparation for the MCF post that will come after some more testing.

Elements of Alchemy Mod Changelogs

v0.8 Alpha

  • Major rework of mod support code to use game registry instead of reflection.
  • Reworked project red support.
  • Reworked mfr support.
  • Reworked IC2 support.
  • Added crushed uranium to ore dictionary recipes.
  • Rewored Chisel support.
  • Added railcraft support for Abyssal/Quarried Stone.

Download Elements of Alchemy Mod 1.6.4

For 1.6.4


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