Eldritch Mobs Mod

Eldritch Mobs Mod is a Fabric port of one of famous Forge mods: Infernal Mobs. Eldritch Mobs – just like Infernal Mobs – randomly imbues mobs in your world with unique and powerful abilities that make them more dangerous, exciting, and rewarding to defeat.

Eldritch Mobs mod for minecraft


There are three categories of modified mobs:


  • 4 abilities (configurable)
  • +60 Health (configurable)
  • 5x Experience (configurable)
  • Drops random enchanted item upon death
  • /summon_elite <insert entity id>


  • 8 abilities (configurable)
  • +120 Health (configurable)
  • 10x Experience (configurable)
  • Drops Elite Loot + Shipwreck Treasure upon death
  • /summon_ultra <insert entity id>


  • 12 abilities (configurable)
  • +240 Health (configurable)
  • 15x Experience (configurable)
  • Drops Elite Loot + Ultra Loot + End City Treasure upon death
  • /summon_eldritch <insert entity id>


  • Alchemist: throws potions of harming
  • Beserk: doubles melee damage dealt and taken
  • Yeeter: launches target into the air after hitting a melee attack
  • Blinding: temporarily blinds the target
  • Burning: sets target on fire after hitting a melee attack
  • Cloaked: the mob is invisible
  • Deflector: all projectiles rebound off the mob and deal no damage to it
  • Draining: afflicts the target with mining fatigue
  • Duplicator: the mob will occasionally create a clone of itself
  • Ender: mob will teleport to dodge projectiles
  • Ghastly: shoots ghast fireballs at target
  • Gravity: pulls the target towards the mob
  • Lethargic: afflicts the target with slowness
  • Lifesteal: when the mob deals damage, the mob heals equal to the amount of damage dealt
  • One Up: the mob heals back up to full health when at low health, it will only do this once
  • Regen: the mob has the regeneration potion effect permanently applied to it
  • Rust: causes severe durability damage to the target’s armor
  • Snatcher: target will occasionally drop the item in their main hand
  • Speedster: the mob has the speed 2 potion effect permanently applied to it
  • Sprinter: the mob will occasionally have the speed 5 potion effect applied to it for several seconds
  • Starving: afflicts the target with hunger
  • Stormy: summons lightning to smite the target
  • Thorny: causes attackers to be damaged when they deal damage to the mob
  • Toxic: afflicts attackers with poison 2
  • Weakness: afflicts target with weakness
  • Webslinging: summons a cobweb at the feet of the target
  • Withering: afflicts target with wither
  • Sniper: doubles ranged damage dealt by the mob

Soothing Lamp:

A light block crafted using a sea lantern, gold ingots, and emeralds that prevents buffed mobs from spawning within a chunk.

Eldritch Mobs mod for minecraft screenshots 01

How to use:

How to allow mobs to become special mobs

In <your datapack folder>/data/eldritch_mobs/tags/entity_types/eldritch_allowed.json put


“values”: [

“<your entity ID>”



How to blacklist mobs from becoming special mobs

In <your datapack folder>/data/eldritch_mobs/tags/entity_types/eldritch_blacklist.json put


“values”: [

“<your entity ID>”



How to add custom loot tables for Elite/Ultra/Eldritch Mobs

In “<your datapack folder>/data/eldritch_mobs/loot_tables/entity":

Create a .json file named either custom_elite_loot.json, custom_ultra_loot.json, or custom_eldritch_loot.json. 

Define your custom loot tables for elite, ultra, and eldritch mobs in these .json files.


Fabric Modloader & Fabric API

How to install:

  • Make sure you have already installed Fabric Modloader
  • Run recently downloaded .jar file, choose the version you want and press “Install.”
  • Run Minecraft, select the profile with Fabric installed and press Play
  • Press Start on Desktop
  • Choose Run
  • Type %appdata% onto Run and press Enter.
  • Goes into Roaming/.minecraft/mods
  • Put the jar. Files onto the mod folder and run Minecraft.

Eldritch Mobs Mod Download Links:

File Name Status ModLoader Game Version Date
eldritch-mobs-1.9.3.jar Release Fabric 1.17.1 Sep 05, 2021
eldritch-mobs-1.8.0.jar Release Fabric 1.16.5 May 30, 2021
eldritch-mobs-1.6.9.jar Release Fabric 1.16.4 Apr 18, 2021

Author: cyborg_pigeon

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